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Stories have such awesome power to create connections among us, to encourage us, to change us.

I love the element of story in art, and I'm excited to share my interviews with other artist whose art-stories inspire me. Storytellers is a series about how story plays a role in art, and about how art plays an important part in the story of people's lives.

These are stories from artists who are inspired by a Story that is bigger than just simple paint-on-paper.

Artist Interview Archives

Lisa Barbero: "My work is about life, love, and quite literally the pursuit of happiness."

Charlene Precious"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

Emily Wierenga: "A broken story, fractured by anorexia nervosa, mended by grace."

Jessie Barber: "I paint for anyone who has an interest in the faery world, who dreams of riding dragons and who wants to expand their imagination." 

Suzanne Millius: "I remember when I would dress myself--I would pair pink pants with stripes and a red top with polka-dots--and I remember hearing my mother say, 'Suzanne's an artist, she marches to her own beat.' And you know, I liked that." 

Juilette Crane "I went back to what I loved most as a child ... dragging out all of my art supplies-crayons, watercolors, markers- and painting on my belly in the backyard."

Liese Chavez"Down the rabbit hole we go ... As a child I wanted to know what was inside, what was under, what was behind things. I still do."