Around Here Lately...

around here lately

It's waaaaay past time for another update! We've been busy here in snowy Colorado--mostly snuggling the new baby Lucy-Grace, celebrating birthdays and enjoying a visit from my Dad and Step-mom. We're squeezing in time for art (of course!) although it's mostly kid art, which makes my heart happy too. But my biggest job lately (and always) is just being a good Momma, making home a cozy place and trying to figure out how to keep these growing girls and hard-working hubby fed in the midst of it all. Little helping hands have been pitching in with the dinner prep, which has helped make it fun--the most important ingredient in avoiding the "dinner drudges," don't you think? 

I have put off opening my Etsy until Spring. But as you can see by my new logo up there, I have been working on my own artwork a little at time! The baby will be six months old in mid-April; a good time, I think, for me to slowly get back into a working routine.

Thanks for checking in now and again, friends! I hope to be updating the blog with some new artwork very soon! Lots of love and warmth to you wherever you are,



  1. Your girls are all so sweet and precious! I'm seriously wishing we lived close so I could snuggle those little baby cheeks.

  2. kids art is happy art. I'm so happy to see a little update from you :)


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