A Girly Summer

Summer 2013

In May, my daughters--ages three and four--and I moved home to Colorado from where we had lived in Hamburg, Germany for three years. Husband had to stay behind and work all summer. So it was just us three girls--plus another on the way! I mentioned in my last post that it was a precious but challenging time that partly explains my extended absence from blogging--it was all I could do just to focus all my energy on taking it one day at a time. 

Summer 2013 Summer 2013

My husband is SUCH a good daddy that even from the very beginning he has made my job as mama super easy most of the time. I depend on him so much (especially when we lived in Germany) that I knew some time apart would help restore some of the balance between us. Now it is behind us, I know that the time on my own with my kids this summer was essential in boosting my strength and confidence as a mom. 

On the morning we were to fly out of Germany I was finishing up some last-minute packing and feeling nervous about the next 24 hours. I sent up a simple prayer: "Ok, God. We're gonna need an extra measure of grace for this trip home." I stopped dead still in my distracted frenzy when I felt Him answer in my heart, "Just an extra measure? Why not ask me for all of it--ALL of my grace--for today and every day." WOW. 

Summer 2013 Summer 2013 Summer 2013

I believe that this simple conversation shaped the entire experience of the summer that lay ahead of us. There was such palpable, abounding GRACE surrounding us while the Daddy was gone--it's the only way I made it through! And the most important thing that I learned was that God's amazing grace is available to every one of us each and every second, day-in and day-out, in easy times and hard times and all the times in-between.

Summer 2013
all photos by my dear friend Esther Cummings of Blue Thistle Photography

Now that my sweet husband is back home, I am trying not to forget to continue making that simple but powerful request at the beginning of each day--"I need ALL of your grace today, Father." I am reminded to ask again even now, as I am somewhat nervously over-analyzing every ache and twinge, awaiting the beginning of "real" labor "any minute" now. Baby Girl #3 is not due until Sunday, but I'm eager for her to get here TODAY! Looking back at these photos from our girly summer reminds me to live again in that desperate, moment-by-moment need to be held and carried through by Arms stronger than any earthly arms I could lean on. 


  1. Oh my, those precious pink baby shoes! So sweet. I love these pics of you and your girls! :)

  2. beautiful photographs, and a oh so true message.

  3. Love the photos - especially the pink shoes just waiting there! I have been looking for your return! Welcome back and welcome to the US again!

  4. Such a great message Sadee! And beautiful photos! Can't wait to meet girl #3.

  5. How wonderful! I am so glad to see you back and what a wonderful message of trusting ALL that is there for us...all we need to do is simply ask. Yes. XO

  6. oh hoe adorable. I love the photos of you girls with the baby shoes.

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