Trying New Things

trying new things

It feels like my heart has been away from this blog for a looong time, taking what you might call an unofficial "sabbatical" leave of sorts. As I journaled my way out of 2012 and into the new year, I realized that 2013 is the seventh year since I began pursuing my "becoming" as an artist. The most overwhelming piece of the creative life I've discovered in this process is the ebb and flow--the frustrating and paralyzing lack of inspiration at times, and the other times of rushing, gushing, falling-in-love-with-art productivity.

What I've realized in taking this surprise break from blogging is that I'm honestly kind of tired of always trying to figure it out--this life of creativity, of soul, of making it through the day-to-day. I want to be content in living in between the highs and lows, at just the right point of the ebb and flow. I want to find my sweet spot and just be me, no matter what is staring me down in life at the moment.

I've been a little saddened by my time away from this blog, wondering why it wasn't so important to me anymore. But I was also making it a point to give myself grace--no guilt or feelings of "obligation" to post here all of the time. Since the word sabbatical came to me, I realized that this is exactly what it was--a time of rest in the seventh year; a time to re-evaluate, re-charge and revolutionize my way of thinking! Isn't this cool? 

So today I'm here to say a big "hello friends!" and joyfully announce that I feel revived! As you might have noticed, I'm freshening up things around here, going for a clean and simple look that will help me to, like I said, "just be me." Hope you can take a minute to say hello. I'll be back tomorrow with a peek at what's been happening lately in my studio--my work has also taken a turn toward the fresh, clean and simple, and I am loving it!


  1. WElcome back! I think there are quite a few of us in the blogosphere who are going through something at the moment. I have certainly stepped back a bit to reevaluate and have heard a few others are too. Clean and simple sounds nice...can't wait to see what you've been up to. P.S. Those pics are so cute!!!!

    1. Thank you, Carin! It is so encouraging to hear you say that. I know that most other bloggers probably understand this feeling, but it's still hard not to feel bad sometimes when you get behind with checking in on your online friends. But what I love most about this world is that there is always support there when you need it!

  2. Seventh year sabbatical? Yes, very cool. I'm loving your new banner, of course I loved the old one too. :) Looking forward to see what's happening in your studio.

  3. A big welcome back! Missed you! Glad you feel rejuvenated. Taking a rest can do wonders.

  4. I don't think that creative people ever really reach a "Sweet Spot." We can grow more confident but there's a restlessness that seems to go hand in hand with creativity. The why and how questions plague us, as well as feeling that we'll never get "there." Breathe deep, take sabbaticals, and carry on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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