It Snowed Sideways

It snowed sideways We are covered again in snow, but there's still hope for spring! Waiting for warmer days...

We awoke yesterday morning to windows caked in snow and a fresh, deep winter wonderland outside. My four-year-old threw her hands into the air and said in an exasperated tone, "but it's supposed to be SPRING!" My sentiments exactly, baby girl.  
The trees with their long white stripes made me laugh when I saw them after dropping the girls off at preschool--it seems to have snowed sideways! Later in the day, on our way home, my daughters spotted with their spring-hungry eyes the bit of yellow peeping out from snow-crusted branches. Yes, it's snowing again today but we are still holding out hope! 


  1. Sarah, those sweet girls are right it is suppose to be spring. Tell them Memaw and Papa are suppose to get snow on Thursday, which is the first day of spring. I love those beautiful pictures. I can put myself in them. The last time I saw them they were full of leaves and beauty, now they are bare and full of beauty. What beautiful scenery Our Lord gives us to look at no matter if you are in Kansas or across the big pond in Germany He makes it all beautiful. We love and miss you all so much...

  2. Haha, my boys said the same; "But it´s supposed to be SPRING mommy". They are tired of the snow now and so am I. Sigh.


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