Monday's Measure: Hello, It's been a while!

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This afternoon I snapped a few photos to say "hello" from my shadowy studio and to measure the joy found in a soft gray fog--joy found a bit more readily than usual today because my heart is noticeably cheered by the extra twinkle lights I've strung around the apartment.

The joy is doubled now this evening, as I type this retrospectively: that soft gray fog was the herald of fluffy white snowflakes! It's only a dusting, but it's the first one of the season and I know the girls will be thrilled when they see it in the morning...rather, make that when they see it tonight. Here they both come now, rubbing sleepy eyes.

Hugs from all of us here in snowy Hamburg. More again soon!


  1. Sadee, it looks and sounds just perfectly atmospheric in Hamburg. Oh I can just imagine little girls go crazy over newly fallen snow, magic! Hope life is good for you in Germany.
    Love from (and yes, it's been a while)
    from Greece,

  2. Your studio is lovely...! Enjoy the snow. :)

  3. Your studio is a treat for the eyes and soul. Snow falling - amazing - something I have never seen. I hope you and your girls delighted in it before falling softly to sleep yourselves.

  4. Your shadowy studio seems the perfect shade of cozy. I love pictures of your home; it's as artistic as you.
    Catherine Denton

  5. Oh how wonderful! The snow and a sweet studio....I look so forward to the quiet month of January to surround my heart with art. I can't wait to see what it does in you. XO


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