Messy Advent Banner

The theme of my life these days has become "joy in the mess." But it seems that when it comes to Christmas, I slide back into that delusion that things can always be perfect--especially my high hopes of decorating, baking and crafting with my preschool princesses.

Creative Christmas 7

In honor of my commitment to celebrating a down-to-earth Christmas and refusing to allow that craving for perfectionism to take over, I decided that our first Christmas craft would be a colorful and non-traditional, "Messy Advent Banner."  

For the entire project, head over and read my guest post for Jennifer and the Studio JRU Creative Christmas Series!

Creative Christmas 8

I already know that I'll keep the banner up long after Christmas has come and gone--it's just so colorful and sweet! And I want the joy and anticipation of Christmas to invade every other mundane day of my life.

After all, isn't that the heart of Christmas? It's all about the Love of a Savior who came down to live among us, to wholeheartedly throw Himself into the messy struggle of the human race, to redeem it and make it more beautiful than ever. He loves us just as we are--no need to stress over being "perfect" for Him. He was born into this world on Christmas Day--right in the middle of a beautiful mess.



  1. I love that banner! So cute! I flipped Christmas perfectionism the bird by letting my just-turned-6 year old decorate the tree all by herself. It's wonderfully imperfect and she loves that she did that.

  2. I love this Sarah. Such a wonderful way to celebrate the Birth of our Savior.
    Love you, Kate

  3. Oh Sadee, it's delightful!! And yes, you should keep it up. I need to make one of these -- my kids' artwork is piling up and it might eat me alive if I don't do something with it!

  4. Awesome. I am totally going to do this and you are right it does not have to be limited to Christmas.

  5. Hi, I'm visiting from the hop. Love this banner idea.

    Bettina @ www.littleoldsouls.com

  6. Happy Holidays. Visiting from Thee Networking Blog Hop! Please visit my blog & follow if you haven't already. :)


  7. HI there. You have some amazing artwork. I found you via Thee Networking Blog Hop. Thanks for linking up. I'm now following you.


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