It was beautiful

That's me (far left) lunching with my new friends in Italy. Photo credit: Elizabeth Duvivier

It was soooo beautiful! The food. The weather. The Italian countryside in Abruzzo. The gracious, hospitable staff at the villa. The FOOD. (Did I mention the food?!) 

But most of all, I fell in love with an amazing group of ladies--just beautiful, inside and out.

It was the first time in my life that I walked into a large group of people, not knowing a single soul, and felt like myself, felt at home. Some call it "finding your tribe," and I have to say that now I totally understand the concept. Connecting with creative soul-sisters in blog-land for the past almost-two-years has been amazing, and getting the chance to feel a similar connection with people face-to-face was sooo good for my heart!

More on that next week (after I've had more time to process my thoughts and my photos!). Read what some of my new friends are saying about the experience here and here.

Today it's back to the ol' routine, except for me it's actually a new routine. In the Squam community they talk about "re-entry"--the difficulty of getting back into "real life" after being on retreat and having such a beautiful, transformative experience. My sweet husband took a few extra days of vacation to help me get settled again (wow, he knows me and loves me so well, to have planned for this ahead of time!) but today he's back to work. And after four weeks of adjusting, for the first time today both my girls will spend a full five hours in Kindergarten. So this morning I woke up with a funny, nervous feeling--sort of like it was my "first day of work." I feel a bit unfocused and floaty--not sure I'm really accomplishing much--but being gentle with myself is the best I can do, right?

Oh, and maybe playing with some paint instead of feeling pressured to get caught up with everything else. :)


  1. That sounds amazing!! I would love to go on a retreat - it's in my wish jar :) & wow - you got the re-entry softened - what a wonderful husband you have :)
    & on that 'other Thing'? {{{hugs!}}} Hope you were able to be gentle with yourself... Mine will have his first trial run this coming Monday... xo!

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! Yes, I do have quite an amazing husband :). He actually sent me on the retreat to be spoiled, and then made it so easy for me to come back home and relax some more. I really needed it, though, and I think it geared me up for this Kindergarten thing. The girls are starting to settle in, even the little one. She keeps saying, "my friends love me!" and "my teachers love me!" So sweet. But it's hard for me to let go (and especially not to feel guilty about it!), even though it's obvious they are having a wonderful time. I hope Isaak has a smooth first run on Monday! I'll be thinking of you and praying you both settle in quickly!

  2. I can't wait to hear your stories about it!! I'm so happy you found your tribe and got to enjoy face-to-face time. It sounds heavenly. Yes, be gentle with yourself and I very much hope your day included painting!

  3. Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing (and what a stunning photo *sigh*). Looking forward to hearing more about it once you've processed it. And yes, playing with paint sounds like the way to go! :)

  4. Sounds wonderful. Can not wait to hear more about it. Love that your sweet husband is helping you like that! :)

  5. isn't it weird going home and there is no buffet breakfast laid out? or sunshine? or lovely italian waiters clearing away the dishes?

  6. I really don't think I'd want to return anywhere after a meal like that in a place like that! heaven.

  7. Love the look of your blog. It all sounds wonderful. You make me want to have hat experience! June Maddox


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