My Little Jellyfish-Catchers

ostsee 1

Yep, yup. Got me some jellyfish.

ostsee 2

Oh, sweet little jellies! They're sooo squishy! 

ostsee 3

We are your mommies, little babies. 
We will spend hours poking you and petting you and loving you to pieces.

ostsee 4

Ooops, they're all getting stuck together here in this shallow water. 

ostsee 5

Wanna hold him, little sissy?

ostsee 6

You're absolutely sure he's not gonna sting me?!
Can't decide if I love you or if I'm scared of you, little jelly.

ostsee 7

Hey Dad!? We need more jelly-friends! 
Catch us some more, please, please, pretty-please-with-the-cutest-ponytail-ever-on-top??? 


  1. Such nice beach pics, I can´t wait until next summer!

    1. Thanks, Tinajo! I know, as much as I love fall, I'm missing summer already too.

  2. We both posted beach pics this week! I think it's a perfect time to go. Your girls are so sweeeeeet!

  3. Hi Sadee! You have an amazing thing going here...it's a lovely blog. And what sweet girls ..awww so cute.
    I've been enjoying your comments in class. So much to absorb and learn, isn't there? But I'm loving meeting new people like you! So glad to connect!!


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