Violet Color-Stories

violet mosaic

Snapshots of my life lately: 

1. Delivery bike bright in the middle of town--a cheerful standout among her dull-colored friends.
2. Misty mauve-gray and a polka-dot poncho, a walk through the park in a torrent of rain.
3. Metropolitan plum on an old country barn.
4. Starburst flowers as big as my head. Returned days later to discover they were already past their prime--I had captured the bright purple pom-poms just in time.
5. Narrow side street, under construction. Spicy chai latte at a sidewalk cafe.
6. There is (what looks to be) a mouse-sized vineyard just outside my front door.
7. Just some of the gorgeous (sanctioned!) neighborhood grunge.
8. Nikolaikirche. Gothic Revival Cathedral in Hamburg with WWII devastation preserved. So much beauty and sadness all in one place.
9. From the Hamburg Immigration Museum--old ship blueprints. Designing a dream.


  1. that is a great collection... I wish I had a picture of my old car... it was purple... like a giant aubergine on wheels... a touch unfortunate colour wise but I loved it anyway and I never lost it n a car park!!!! it would have fitted in perfectly here...xx

    1. Oh Tracey, that car sounds so cool! Yes, too bad you don't have a photo!

  2. Love this collection of photos! So nostalgic and charming. Do you mind if I ask, what type of photo editing software do you use? Meaning, photoshop, picasa, etc?

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by! I do use Photoshop a lot, but all of these photos are just from the camera on my smartphone, edited with Instagram filters and dropped into the mosaic app from bighugelabs.com. Super simple with a beautiful visual impact!


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