Little Girl, French Braid

E's braid 3

E's braid 2

E's braid

"Look! Mama painted the sky!" 

This is what she said the first time she saw a pretty pink sunset, and was old enough to have the words to put to it. I replied, "oh, that's sweet baby, but Mama couldn't do that! It's God who paints the sky and makes all the beautiful things in the world around us--just so He can show us how much He loves us." 

So now when she admires a sunset she says, "Look! Jesus painted the sunset! He's in the sky and He's in the trees and He's in the birds ... and He's in my heart."

Eowyn knows her Mama loves to make beautiful things, and she's learning that God makes beautiful things for her to enjoy. Now she's realizing more and more that she herself is a vessel of beauty. I love watching this consciousness emerge, and I pray for the wisdom to guide her to temper that beauty with gentleness and generosity. 

This was her first french braid, and not my best work (ok, she's only three and still pretty wiggly!). It fell out within 20 minutes, but for those 20 minutes she knew she was beautiful.  Eowyn is spunky and fairly rough-and-tumble for a cautious first-born, but she loves being a girl--twirling in her "dancin' shows" (aka dresses); painting her fingernails; posing for the camera; and now, finally, fixing her hair (thanks to the wonderful influence of a gorgeous eight-year-old and the rest of her beautiful family who recently visited us from Colorado)! 

In a day or two I'll post some photos of Eowyn and "her Chloe" posing together in Hamburg--they were quite the lovely pair of ladies!


  1. What a beauty from the inside out! Tell her Auntie Morgan and Uncle JR think of her and Penelope often! Hope to see you very soon!

    1. We think of you too, Morgan! Love you and miss you.

  2. your daughter is beautiful, i love your description of how how you are teaching her about God's beautiful Creation..you have a gift for choosing just the right words..

  3. Love the french braid. And I can't wait to see the pictures of Eowyn and Chloe!!

    1. I still can't believe she held still for that long! Pictures coming on Monday...I'm really slacking!

  4. Those photos are too precious... I remember when my baby had her first french braid... think it lasted maybe 5 mins, and now her hair is too long and thick to braid... and at 16 not really a french braid girl, the time goes way too quick..xx


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