Monday's Measure: One Photo at a Time

Eowyn in the Raps

Know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by good things? Like my little Eowyn in an enormous field of yellow Raps (or Rapeseed flowers, which are used to make canola oil and are gorgeously in-season now in North Germany!)--so many beautiful blossoms; which one to pick?!!

I've been moping *just a little bit* since our friends from Colorado left on Saturday morning. It was so wonderful to be embraced here in Germany by an undeniable sense of (our "other") home. We already miss our friends terribly, but our 9 days together were so full, fun and refreshing, that truly we have nothing to mope about!

Now, I have SO MANY good photos to share with you (my friend Esther is a photographer, so I was especially inspired to get my camera out too) that there's no excuse for silence here on my blog, right? But the truth is that I'm feeling overwhelmed, and I'm totally out of the groove of blogging. What to do, what to do? 

Slow down and enjoy each precious little flower of a memory, one at a time, perhaps? 

I think that's a good plan. Since I've gotten so out-of-the-habit of blogging more than once a week (or once every two weeks? *sheepish grin*) it occurred to me that the best way to get BACK in the habit is simply to make it a habit again. And what better way to do that than to take things slowly, to savor all of the good things, and celebrate with a photo (or two) every day for a while.

Let's see if I can do this...all summer? Ok, better not get carried away just yet...although I'm sure I have enough photos to last TWO summers!

Bis Morgen! (See you tomorrow!)


  1. It's a great goal. We'll enjoy your photos and they will make us feel happy, like this one does.

  2. It's a great goal. We'll enjoy your photos and they will make us feel happy, like this one does.

  3. oh yay! Now that I am back with the living it will be nice to see all your goodness and inspiration too. ( one month with a wedding an unexpected family emergency then a graduation. eesh) I think I have some pics similar to these headed in the mail. my sister and I were in Ga together a year ago and ran across a field of yellow weed type flowers and had a blast getting photos of the little ones. She had completely forgotten that she hadnt mailed them - I cant wait! love your new header too BTW.

  4. Sadee, I can relate with the "moping". We don't have visitors from Germany very often, but when we do I really treasure and roll in it. Fortunately we've finally - after more than 10 years - found a group of Germans here which whom we get together every other Thursday - our Stammtisch. It's like a life saver!


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