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In my German class, I made friends from all over the world, and about once every quarter we had beautiful international feasts. It is so striking, the way these women love through their cooking. There are so many cultural differences to negotiate as we develop our friendships, but the warmth and hospitality is undeniable anytime food is involved! These are a few delicious treats from our end-of-course party last week:

1. Kibbe nayyeh, a traditional Arabic dish of fine bulgar, olive oil, green onion and spices. This particular recipe was made by my Syrian friend, and does not include meat, but what I'm finding online says that the original Kibbe nayyeh comes from Lebanon and usually includes minced raw lamb or beef. And lucky me--I love these SO MUCH that sometimes my sweet friend makes an extra platter just for me to take home and enjoy!

2. German Pastries with caramelized sliced almonds...don't actually know the name of this one because my mouth was watering and I was trying to avoid eye-contact. Could be that it's an Egyptian-German infusion--maybe part basbousa? I wish I knew! It seems like the very same week in February when I went completely gluten-free, my Egyptian friend and her husband bought a bakery in Hamburg. She started bringing the most gorgeous pastries I've ever seen to the Kaffeepause (coffee break) every day--leftovers from the night before. I would ooh and ahh about how beautiful they were, and one day my German teacher said to me, "Well Sarah, they taste pretty good too! Why don't you stop just looking and take a bite?!" If only I could!!!

3. Russian Raspberries and cream. I'm pretty sure there were also cream-puffs hidden beneath the decadent cream. I didn't say 'no' to this one, thinking there was likely no gluten involved. But I might have nibbled on a cream-puff or two, with no ill-effects, I promise!

Joining Texture Tuesday over at the Kim Klassen Cafe Blog! I used her "Phoebe" texture to process the first two photos, and "Phoebe" plus "Sunday" to process the last one. 


  1. Everything looks delicious! :)

  2. UM

    love and light

  3. I'm so hungry! I shouldn't be looking through all of the blogs while hungry! WARMTH has prompted so many food photos! Yours are simply AMAZING!

  4. oh I would so love a bite of any one of these! fun post.

  5. I noticed too, that lots of people at TT interpret "warmth" with food! My mouth is watering too, especially since I'm not supposed to eat any of these pastry treats! :)


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