Nikolaikirche, Wismar, Germany

I'm laughing at myself right now, because I'm posting a picture of a beautiful wall inside of this amazing church built from 1381 to 1487--Die Kirche St. Nikolai in Wismar, Germany--and I don't have a single picture of the towering spires or the flying buttresses, or any other detail that would represent this church as the "masterpiece of late Gothic architecture in northern Europe" that it is. (For the record, I did try to get a shot of the vaulted ceiling, but it was so dark in there and I wasn't in the mood to fiddle with my camera settings--we were on our way to the beach!)

Instead, the detail that grabbed me was this crumbling wall covered in what looks like test strips of plaster and paint--something that I imagine was not created to be aesthetically pleasing in itself. I wonder how old this "experiement" is; I wonder if it will be covered over in current renovations, or if it happened years ago and others find it as beautiful as I do, and hate to cover it up! Whatever the story, inspiration from this wall just might find it's way into my next painting.

We were in Wismar one day last October too, and I went crazy taking pictures of crumbling plaster and grungy, peeling paint! I don't think it will ever get old ...


  1. I truly love this type of photo and I would have been drawn to this wall as well. Very nice!

  2. Yes. You speak h language. I also love odd colored doors and windows. Old bicycles and buildings of brick with various stages of painted n peeling details. Keep sharing your lovely inspiration.

  3. Beautiful. There is a sense of redemption in this imperfection exposed - the stained and crumbly embraced and justified by the beauty around it:-)

  4. I so get it!!!
    beautiful in the broken
    what is the story
    how many lives have walked by
    who has cried here
    who has kissed
    ....and even made love????

    I see it
    keep them coming : )

    love and light

  5. I like it. Lots of character.

  6. Hi, Sadee,
    I have been following your blog for a few months now, since I took a class about the sketchbook as visual diary and found your blog when I was googling. I love how you integrate God with your life and your art. Your 5/30 entry jumped out at me, tonight, though. You see, I learned today that the son of a woman I work with was killed in a car accident yesterday. He was 20 years old, and he was at fault. I have been feeling so awful for his mother, Karen, all day. On top of that, we have had turbulent weather all afternoon/evening with numerous tornado warnings. I went to your blog for a respite, and discovered your entry about die Kirche St. Nikolai. The connection? Karen's son's name was Nikolay. I don't know what this means, but I'm sure that God has a hand in it. I was just moved to tell you this. Thank you for your art, your faith, and your blog. You never know the connections you will make.

    1. Mary Ellen, thank you so much for sharing this wíth me. I've been mulling it over ever since you left this comment and wondering what the connection might mean. All I know is that God redeems our messes. He loves us as we are; He looks at us in our brokenness and calls us holy, righteous, chosen and LOVED. I hope that your friend Karen is finding peace and comfort for the loss of her son--I'm sure your friendship with her has been a help!


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!