On the Other Side of the World

I neglected my Friday post again this weekend, and I've been putting off my "Monday's Measure" post for today ... because I'm simply finding no words. All is well here--no immediate worries: happy little girls asleep in their cozy beds; a husband on his headset and strategizing intently with his brother on their "computer game night"; me with my tea and a few paintings-in-progress on the table before me.

But my computer screen is awake and impatiently glaring, because I've still got a post to "put to bed." And I know that this time I can't just post a few pretty pictures and a poem and call it a day. You see, there are people I love, most of them whom I don't even know, whose hearts are aching. Life is hard and people everywhere hurt all of the time. I know that. But sometimes the ache just settles in to the soul, begins to make you feel broken in an entirely new way.

Still the words won't come. There is too much to say and I don't even know where to begin. So perhaps I'll just start with this precious face:


This little guy is three years old (just a three months older than my Eowyn) living in an orphanage somewhere. He is kind and joyful; he loves music and dancing. And even though he's never known a mama or a daddy, he is quite blessed--his orphanage is actually a good one, run by people who, it seems, have a gift for loving and caring for children. But Little Guy turns four in September, and in his country, orphans with Down Syndrome and other special needs are sent to a mental institution once they turn four. Here these children endure neglect and even physical abuse--traumatic for anyone, bust especially for these precious Down Syndrome babies who often cannot survive such conditions.

Joy of Joys--this precious one soon will know the love of a Mama and a Daddy! Just last month, two of the best parents in the world started calling him their son. (He even has two lively brothers and a newborn baby sister who can't wait to meet him! Read more of the Moyer family's story on their blog.) Little Guy is fiercely loved, protected by the prayers of many, and longed for--because he is nearly on the other side of the world, alone in his crib at night, waiting for his Mama's arms to hold and to comfort him.

Oh, the ache. I try to imagine it, as much as it hurts. I think of my little girls and how desperate I would feel if I knew that one of them was so far away and I couldn't get to her immediately. (Eowyn spent her first month in the hospital and I remember so clearly how empty my arms felt when I went home at night--and she was only on the other side of town.)

I try to imagine it, the loneliness, the emptiness these children must feel. Our Heavenly Father has not abandoned them; I'm sure He comforts their hearts in some unimaginable way. But their eyes speak volumes--how must it feel to have no one to belong to? Although sometimes I want to look away, thanks to my three-year-old's dedication to "praying for the babies," I scroll through their faces nearly every day--speaking their names out loud, loving them in my own small way, even if it's just to look into their eyes through my tears and acknowledge their precious existence.

Would you consider praying for them too? Could you give a little (or a lot!) to bring this little boy home in time--before his tender little heart is exposed even to one day in the institution? You can even give and get a little something in return--I am donating proceeds from my shop sales to the Moyer Family fund--$5 from every print sale goes to Reece's Rainbow, and ALL of the proceeds from a special selection of prints help to bring Little Guy home!

Thank you friends! And a heaping measure of blessings to you on this Monday,


  1. Sadee
    this is amazing
    you are a treasure doing this
    thank you for sharing this story
    prayers are going up for this child and his family who wants to bring him home

    love and light

  2. Hi my Love, its your hubby. I just wanted to tell you that you have such a big and amazing heart and I wished there would be more people like you out there. I know if you could, you would take in all these kids and give them a home which they deserver so much. I love you and I am so proud of you in what you have accomplished and for your visions where you want to go. Keep it going on dont be discouraged. I always be there for you!

    I love you!


  3. Thank you, Sadee.

    I stopped to read every beautiful face, wishing so much these children were just down the road so I could show up for them. It is heartbreaking knowing they are born deserving of so much love, only to be denied for so many reasons. Helpless, is what I feel.

    I most certainly am sending my prayers out into the heavens, hoping they will all find mamas and daddies today.

    My love and appreciation goes out to those who show them love while they have them. And to YOU, for bringing my attention to it this morning.

    Love! and Peace

  4. oh. my heart just aches with you here. in those faces. in those bodies that need holding. thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless.

  5. How sad to happen to all those children...I will certainly pray for those angels ~ Thanks for sharing it ~

  6. What a joy it's been, today, meeting you through IP. I love your heart, already! I will definitely be praying for these orphans with DS, and especially little Vitaliy. I visited your Etsy shop, and wow, Girl! You've got some talent! I saw three different pieces I'd like to have!

  7. we are called to care for the children and orphans...this is real faith...real religeon....he looks a lovely boy...and has a very real need...and every little bit helps...

  8. i am weeping here. how i want to scoop up all of the hurting children and bring them home... thank you for finding the words, dear sadee. love to you.

  9. Beautiful words, Sadee - from a beautiful heart...

  10. Just this line:

    "loving them in my own small way, even if it's just to look into their eyes through my tears and acknowledge their precious existence."

    This is where I melted with you . . . because sometimes the hands seem tied and you ask in demand "what else can I do???" and you have so much passion that you don't even stop to capitalize.

    But here. when you said these words, it was like i heard "god sees your heart of love for the least of these." and it was so comforting.

    maybe their eyes do speak volumes. and so do our hearts to god's ear on their behalf. oh, how love transforms.

    beautiful post.

  11. Sadee, I've been meaning to tell you that I want to purchase a print to support this sweet family and little boy; but it will have to be at the beginning of May. Hope that's okay.
    Catherine Denton

  12. what a story, what a sweet boy! so thankful for your friends and his new home. may they be united soon.


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!