A Lovely Easter Weekend

Easter 2012 art
"Easter"-- watercolor, graphite, acrylic ink and collage 

Easter 2012 art detail

Easter 2012 kollage WIP
"Easter" collage in-progress

Easter 2012 kaffee-kuchen

Easter 2012 kuchen

Easter 2012 kaffee

Easter 2012 gluten-free cookies

I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon making a little collage to celebrate the empty tomb and then awoke to a joyful surprise of sunshine (Christ is risen indeed!) on Easter morning.  We sat outside with Tobi's family and soaked it in (bundled in heavy coats and scarves).  The girls played hard in the fresh air until their faces were pink while the rest of us drank hot coffee, hot tea with honey and nibbled on delectable sweet treats.  The beautiful cakes tempted me through the camera lens, but I'm still G-free and didn't touch a crumb.  But the cookies ...oh, the cookies!!!  My first attempt to make pastry with my special flour was a success.  Mexican Wedding Cookies with cream cheese substituted for half the butter ...and butter-cream frosting! Mmmmm.  I think I'll make another batch tomorrow just for fun.

Hope your Easter was lovely too--may the joy of it spill over into the rest of your week (and into your whole life)!


  1. Beautiful colors in that collage - I like your pics too! :-)

  2. Mmmmmm....yum! xo to you Sadee~

  3. The beautiful colors in your photos/are are a feast for the eyes...beautiful!

  4. wow.....gorgeous and vibrant photos! Love your collage, too! Very nice!


  5. SO glad to have found you! Love your colors and textures, and also your story and authenticity. Will return!:-)

  6. How delicious they look! And what a beautiful Easter collage.
    Catherine Denton


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