A Work-space that Works (Even When I'm *Not*)

my worktable

colored pencils


painting with blues

collage paper--water and trees2

I have a little bit of a sun-burn. And my shoes are filled with sand. Actually, there's sand all over the apartment, despite the number of times I've tried to clean it up: in between the couch cushions and all over the floor and in little drifts on the balcony where I've emptied it out of two pairs of little shoes (and one pair of bigger shoes!). It crunches under my feet as I walk back-and-forth from the living room to the kitchen, and I'm pretty sure I found some extra "texture" in my homemade pizza dough last night.

All this to say that I hardly got any work done this week because I simply couldn't concentrate with all this beautiful sunshine!!! (Which, incidentally, probably means that the Good Lord in His infinite wisdom DID, in fact, know what He was doing when He moved me away from sunny Colorado to rainy Hamburg...I seem to be more inspired to work when the weather is not-so-nice).

So, we have been playing outside. Spring is *officially* here and the weather has decided to fast-forward to summer! But it won't last long--this is Hamburg, after all. So we are soaking up the sun while we can, testing out all of the slides in the neighborhood and trying to decide which sandbox has the best ingredients for sand "Kuchen" (cake).

I DID, however, re-organize my little "studio" space--which is technically about one-third of my living room. Tobi finished re-painting the walls a happy olive-yellow-green and on a whim we mixed up this lovely shade of blue for the wall which now houses my worktable and supplies. We were sharing the large table, using it as a desk for both our computers (you can sort of see what I mean in the photos from this post), but Tobi sweetly volunteered to give up his space so that I could get everything organized within one area and at arm's reach. And let me tell you, it is amazing! Like I said, I didn't paint a lot this week, but I was so inspired by how easy it was to work that I just had fun playing with some colors and textures--making some new papers for my next collage.

I hope it's truly SPRING where you are today--happy weekend!

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  1. I love seeing others workspaces, great pics.

  2. Love your creative space- so many great colors!

  3. I'm so in love with your creative work space, wish it was mine. :)

  4. I love your photos, close ups, color, striking objects...all caught my eye!
    Paints are exciting on and off the papers!

  5. The space looks perfectly inspiring and hope you are enjoying that sunshine... I laughed at the sand problems though because it is a constant fight around here... it gets everywhere doesn't it...xx

  6. Wow, I want a branch like that! What tree did that amazing thing come from? Must be native to Hamburg?! Happy painting.

    1. Thank you! I know; isn't it amazingly curly? It's a branch from a Hazel Tree that grows in my neighbor's garden downstairs and just outside my kitchen window. I just read that these trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere; the Germans eat Hazelnuts the way Americans eat peanuts (and especially in chocolate--Nutella is Hazelnut butter!) But apparently there is an American Hazel that grows in some parts of Eastern North America!

  7. Beautiful little girls.
    Your work space is so nice .

  8. Your studio looks fantastic! And I love those papers. :)

  9. Wow, even your workspace is pretty. I am jealous, mine is totally utilitarian. But it is a separate room, so that when it's a mess I can close the door and no one has to see it but me.
    This is so inviting, I wouldn't be able to stay out of it.

  10. Your photos are spectacular! The one of the pencils is to die for awesome!!!!Deb


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