Monday's Measure: a double portion of giggling grace

E and P 4

"Are you for real?" I asked them this evening as we laughed and danced in the kitchen, gobbling up our meatloaf, mashed potatoes and cooked red cabbage.

"Nein," the little one replied, with her ornery, raspy voice.  "Nein," the older one mimicked her, tilting her head charmingly to one side.

E and P

"Are you a dream?" I guessed, peering into each round face.

"Yeah," the little one squeaked again with that confident set of her jaw, face serious and hair swinging as she bobbed her head up and down.  "Yeah," repeated the older one with an enthusiastic flourish of her fork, completely unable to contain her giggles.

E and P 3

"Well, then," I replied, "you must be the sweetest dream I've ever had!"

And even if I never have another sweet dream for the rest of my life, I will never stop being overwhelmed by these two beauties, by this double-portion of giggling grace.

Carol and Betty Jo

Can you see the family resemblance?

E and P 2

My Grandma Carol (my mama's mama) sent me a bunch of family photos for my birthday and I cannot get over how much she and her younger sister Betty Jo look like Eowyn and Penelope! Penelope (the littlest one) also reminds me so much of my mom (her middle name is Shannon, in honor of Mama who passed away July, 2004). I remember so clearly how on the morning Penny was born (and even for days afterward) I couldn't shake the feeling that my mom was actually in the house--it felt like she had momentarily left the room, like she was standing just around the corner, like Penelope just had been with her and had absorbed a bit of her presence.

It's amazing to me: even when we are far away from many of the ones we love, we literally carry around pieces of them (our genes) inside of us and can see them everyday in the faces of our children. Simply amazing.

May a double "measure" of grace also fall upon you on this Monday--"pressed down, shaken together and running over"...enough to "pour" into the "lap" of your entire week! (Luke 6:38)

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  1. They are a sweet dream indeed! :-)

  2. Dear Sarah,
    You are so blessed to have such sweet dreams. Those precious little girls are so sweet. What a day that was when Penelope was born. I too felt your mama's presence there. When I got there from the airport, I walked in your room and saw your beautiful face and your happy tears and said "I know your mama is here with you." I always said from the moment she was born that she looked like her Grandma Carol. The picture of your Grandma and her sister do very much look like your sweet girls. Love to all of you.
    Love, Kate

  3. the resemblance is uncanny
    so cool!
    love you little word and dance with them
    so beautiful
    treasures....true treasures

    how you been feeling Sadee?

    love and light

    1. Thank you Cat--they ARE treasures indeed. I am feeling quite a bit better, thank you for asking! And it definitely helps that spring is here and the sun is shining. It's truly amazing just how much the sun can affect health and mood!

  4. Oh, this brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful. Love you, sweet friend!

  5. Love your blog and your banter with your little girls. I lived in Mainz almost 30 years ago and fell in love with Germany.

  6. Sarah Tell my girls their Papa loves them and misses them so much.

  7. *Giggling Grace*

    I just love these peeks into your small family, Sarah!

    I admit, I've been quietly enjoying your posts from afar, due mostly to illness of one kind or another 'round here since February.

    Your babies are precious. Your own strength ~ and beauty ~ and grace... just shines on the page, and in your art. I want to reach out and give you a ((squnch)) with every little morsel that you share here!


  8. I came upon your blog by accident, and I'm so happy that fate occurred! I love the design of your page, and your blogs are wonderful!

    As far as the genetic similarities in your little girls to your grandmother and her sis', it's amazing!!!!! I LOVE that!! Your photographs are WONDERFUL!!! Your warmth comes out in these, and your children are precious! I have two daughters (although mine are now grown - so no more hugging in their beds!), and it's the BEST!!


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