Hangin' Tough

I've been resting, really resting this time.  I mean, I've been doing nothing (or, at least, what feels like doing nothing to me).  I feel like such a hypocrite--musing on "resting" here and here last month and then failing so miserably at walking my talk.  But I think I'm making up for it now--and I promise this is only just a tiny little break today from my long naps on the couch to check in with you here, my sweet reader-friends :).

So in case you've been wondering, I'm hanging in there--eating healthy, sleeping a lot, watching the leaves change outside my window.  I'm also devouring every image and word in Painted Pages--the wonderful new book by Sarah Ahearn.  WOW!  Do I ever have some new ideas and inspiration!

Girly Truck

And the best medicine of all?  Snuggling my girls and letting them inspire me.  

They are so creative--a few days ago Eowyn was pushing around this little toy truck, hauling a lacy bauble in back, and the pink against the green captured my imagination.  But Penelope is really possessive of the toy cars and kept snatching the green truck off my worktable where I'd stashed it as a reminder of my idea for this still-life.  So I finally found it again and got the chance to set up this "Girly Truck" shot today while they were napping.

I'm thinking of adding some text--"trucks aren't just for boys" or "hangin' tough...and pretty" or something like that.  What do you think?  Any other ideas out there?

Ok, I promised to make this short.  Happy Sunday!

P.S. I'm linking up at Texture Tuesday: I de-saturated the photo a bit and processed it with a subtle layer of Kim Klassen's "Stamped Softly" and "Paper Stained" textures.  Also, the polka-dot background is the inside cover of Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes.


  1. Hey Sadee
    glad you are taking it easy and giving yourself rest....soooooo important!
    Love the image...I like that tag..."Hangin' tough....and pretty"

    love and light

  2. I have just added this book to my Christmas list! And I agree my kiddos really help me to think outside the box. But I gotta admit walking the streets of Germany did that for me too.

  3. I cant wait to come visit my sister in Germany and get lost in the colors and new sights. Enjoy the day of rest to the fullest.

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  5. Glad you're resting. I will too...right after my parents leave. ;)

    This subject reminds me of a picture I have of Zoe when she was almost 3. I snapped it while she was talking on the phone with grandma. She's wearing a cute little red sundress with sandals, a baseball cap - on backwards, holding the phone in one hand and a sword in the other. ;)

  6. Good for you, getting your rest! And soaking in those moments with your daughters is worth every second you lay there. I love this photo!! No ideas on what to name it, but I like "Hanging Tough".

  7. Sadee, I just LOVE that image! The color & boy/girl contrast is terrific!! The other day whilst I had a meeting with an estate agent I completely lost focus because of the drawings on the wall behind him (made by his children). There is such a simple magical beauty in what children create.. I'd love to be able to capture something like that as an adult. Pure brilliance. Have a continued good and thorrough rest.

  8. Love this sweet shot of the 'girly truck' -a really inspired idea!


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