Goodbye Summer


I know that technically, it's been fall for a while.  And I am definitely a "fall person," more than a "summer person."  But I am still in awe at the gorgeousness and the gift of the past couple of weeks--I have no idea if the Germans have a comparable term to describe what we call "Indian Summer," but I do know that this year in Germany was probably the first time I really appreciated it--growing up in the hot, sticky midwest I was always eager for Fall to arrive and just hated when the summer dragged on and on!

holding hands

So although today is the perfect, rainy Fall day and I'm snuggled under my down comforter watching the wind wild in leaves still green but edged in gold, I can't help but think of the beginning of the week with a little nostalgia.  The beach, sunny and warm in October!  The waters of the Baltic were indeed cold, but I walked in up to my calves and helped the girls collect rocks and shells and seaweed.  Of course, after the fact, as I sit listening to the wind and thinking of impending short winter days, I wish I had one more chance to soak up that sun and really be in the moment.

old buildings in wismar

But seeing through a camera lens is sometimes a good way to be in the moment, don't you think? And Wismar might be destined to become a favorite photo haunt of mine. It's a university town only about 1.5 hours from Hamburg (we were there to visit my brother-in-law who is there going to school) with a small harbor and about 5 miles from the coast of the Ostsee--East Sea, or Baltic Sea.  The timing and the light wasn't the best for good pictures of the water, and since we were there to dig our toes in sand I didn't do a lot of other exploring.  But I did snap a few good shots of some of the beautiful architecture while wandering around with an ice cream cone before dusk set in.

Wismar architecture

My favorite thing about Wismar is what I'll call it's "patina"--not dirty or poorly maintained, nothing like that. Just that delicious feeling of being well-worn and well-loved, that beautifully "grungy" feeling of a place that has seen many lives and many stories.

Living Stones

I have a little collection of "patina" photos from our daytrip to share in a few days--gorgeous peeling paint and cracked plaster and crumbling brick. I've been so addicted to texture this week, and I'm learning how to incorporate it into photos too. This led to experimenting with some mixed-media collage ideas--photo, texture, text, paint (watercolor and ink in this photo). . . digitally combined (and hopefully, on canvas too, just as soon as I splurge on some new materials!). . . stay tuned for more! :)

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  1. Oh, this post and photographs fed my brain with beauty this morning. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! I have no idea what an "indian summer" that so many people speak of is like. I'm definitely longing for the weather to simply cool down more here!

    I look forward to seeing more of your experiments with mixed media. =)

  3. These photos are just beautiful and it is lovely getting a glimpse into your world. It is spring here in Australia, though the weather has been more like autumn really, but today finally we have a glorious clear blue sky!! Weather is so inspiring and evocative and I loved this post. Trace xx

  4. Gorgeous pix...always enjoy reading your posts! POP ART MINIS

  5. your photos are so beautiful. i was in germany in june of this year and europe is such a lovely place to take photos. and whatever you've done to make your photos look the way they do is amazing!

  6. What gorgeous buildings! I love the look of the worn architecture...it is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. Look forward to seeing the others!

  7. I do think looking through a lens helps us to be in the moment. To see all those amazing details! These photos are so beautiful. I love the last image. What did you use for the texture? It's great!

  8. Wow - love the buildings. I've always loved victorian homes and have recently started to broaden my appreciation of different styles of architecture.

    Your photos are so beautiful. I love the last one with the painted rounds on the building -- how very cool!!!

  9. Beautiful photos - love that colour palette of slightly dreamy ancient tones. ( And hopped over here from Creative Courage ).

  10. Sometimes life is serendipitous. I worked all day yesterday on a drawing called Heartland, which I posted to my blogspot. BohemieAnnie commented on it. When I went to her blog, I noticed she had two blogs, on being an Artist's page, and on it I found a lovely photo from your blog .. So I popped over to see more, and see you are from the Heartland of the USA but are now in Germany, which is the heartland of my family. (Deep breath). Anyway ... your photographs are awesome. Thank you so much for being you and taking the time and effort to uplift and enlighten the rest of us! Love, Catherine


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