The Colors of Rest

Blue and Yellow

I feel like I need to REST.  This was on my heart all last week and here it is, Sunday, the day of rest, and I'm still resisting.

No, I take that back. I did take a three-hour nap yesterday! I don't think I did any work other than to straighten up the apartment a bit. And today we were lazy--lounged on the sofa with our coffee, listening to music and reading books to the girls. Watched a couple of movies. Talked a lot.

I've been trying to rest physically, but it is in my heart that I'm still resisting.  The truth is that I just don't really want to rest!  And what is rest, anyway?  Even in my leisure activities, I'm always thinking about everything I want to get done--my Dad, Step-mom and Step-sister will be here in just a week (YAY!!!) for a wonderful and much-anticipated, week-long visit!  And the apartment is so not ready.  I'm still going to German class everyday, plus diligently working to paint and to blog several days a week and slowly to build up my Etsy shop.  And of course, there are those two adorable little tornadoes-in-pigtails who I do my best to keep up with . . . Who has time to rest??!!

But the voice in my heart continues to stir, whispering, "You do."

Blues and Yellows

So I dabbled in my paints today, "resting" in cool watery blues and sunny yellows as I listened to a message online from my church in Colorado about how God is like a river--more specifically, how His justice flows like a river.  The pastor sat out in a cold mountain stream and pointed to the water, how it rushed around the rocks and boulders.  He said that even though sometimes it looks like a river changes its course to navigate around rocks and earth, the power of the river is undeniable; in the end, the river always wins. The rocks become smooth and worn over time, the landscape changes as the earth erodes under the water's constant ebb and flow.  The Lord has things under control--both in my little life and in this big crazy world.  His goodness will ultimately prevail, even though sometimes change comes in small, incremental steps that we may hardly notice.  

Blues and Greens

"I am the Lord your God
who teaches you what is best for you,
who directs you in the way you should go.
If only you had paid attention to my commands,
your peace would have been like a river,
your well-being like the waves of the sea."
Isaiah 48:17-18

We humans get pretty set in our ways!  I know I do. It's almost as if I would rather be frazzled and desperately clinging to what little control I have, than to slow down and watch how things fall into place when I finally release control.

This week I want to let "peace like a river" have it's way with me, to abandon my busy-ness and let the River smooth my rough edges.  I have to admit that if I resist the call to rest now, I might get too run-down and somehow be forced to rest later! And I will cling to my sunny-yellow hope that just maybe the rest that is calling me now is preparation for amazingly productive work to come! So many times in this life of faith these paradoxes prove true: to gain life, I must lay it down; to achieve my hopes and dreams, sometimes I must rest and wait, even at the very time when focused, hard work makes more sense.

I'm going lay down the need to be efficient and productive this week.  Instead, I'll be soaking in some beautiful stories, doing some restful and reflective writing, and of course, splashing around a little paint while I take time to enjoy my family!  And I will have a couple of new projects to share here on my blog when I check-in again in a week or two!

Wishing you rest in the peaceful blue of the River, my friends, and sunny-yellow hope even as summer begins to fade into fall . . .

Another way I'm "resting": linking up and enjoying all the beautiful photos this week at Communal GlobalWeekly Kodachrome, and My 3 Boybarbarians!


  1. oooh such beautiful colors Sadee. Make me think of our beaches with the water and sea oats. I cant wait to see the end product in TWO WEEKS?! ;) wink wink. rest in Him......

  2. I too struggle with truly resting. I have "Niki Day" every other week and most of the time I either schedule it to death, or I find myself sitting at a Starbucks, mentally picking my nose and trying to figure out what to do with myself. I'm thankful for those times the Lord reminds me that resting is a holy and necessary thing and there's not a "right" way to do it. :)

    Enjoy your company next week!
    *Hugs* from Colorado

  3. @AnnaOooh, the beach sounds so good right now! We never made it to the ocean this summer. And you're right--two weeks may just be too long! I'll probably check in on Friday with a simple sneak peek!

  4. @Niki"Mentally picking my nose"!!! HA!!! I love that phrase! And it's so true--I can never quite figure out the best way to spend the little time that I have. But thanks for the encouragement that there's not a "right" way to rest--I'll just do the best that I can!

  5. Thats some great work!!! Do you have a gallery of your art?

  6. @May Thank you, May! My "official" gallery is still in the works, but you can see a lot of my recent artwork at www.SadeeSchillingStudio.Etsy.com and also on Flickr. The links are there towards the top on the right-hand sidebar of my blog! :)

    How's the weather in South Germany? Fall has definitely already set in here in the North!

  7. What truth you've captured with your words, and what peace with your paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  8. oh my goodness Sadee, I really hope and wish for you that you'll be able to have a proper rest. I think you need to be so wise and skilled to be able to rest properly. We're bombarded from all angles and it takes an iron will and dicipline to not cave and just deal with a little on the side. And you're so right, if we don't rest it always comes back to haunt and taunt us later.
    I love the words from Isaiah - what beauty.

  9. @Mindy Truth and peace--if I can capture even just a fraction of these beauties in my work, it makes me a happy girl. :) Thank you!

  10. @Saints and Apostles Thank you so much for your encouragement about resting! You're right--we ARE bombarded from all angles, aren't we? And sometimes I think that "living the creative life" and all the emotion that goes with it sometimes attracts even more exhaustion and the threat of burn-out looms much too close. I'm not sure I'm wise enough or skilled enough to rest properly...but I'm doing what I can! :)


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!