Magic Happens in Mundane Places

The most inspiring thing I did this week was to re-organize some closets.  Ha!  But really, this IS sometimes pretty "inspiring" work, don't you think?  For me, the discipline of clearing physical space in my home is sometimes the outward manifestation of things clearing up on the inside of my heart--emotionally and spiritually.  It's stepping away from the wild child creative side of me to participate in a (somewhat mundane) but grounding household activity, to re-adjust my perspective a bit.

Are breaks like this an important part of your creative process too?


For me, making art is an emotional, sometimes all-consuming process; I often wish I could just turn off my brain!  (I'm betting that it is this way for many, of not most artists . . .)  This often causes me to over-think things, which gets in the way of experimentation and pure fun.  I feel like everything I make has to be good and worth showing to the world--and I know that this is not even a remote possibility.  

What do they say Thomas Edison said about failure?  "I have not failed 10,000 times.  I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work."  Maybe, in the end, each of those 10,000 times of doing something the wrong way is so worth it when you finally figure out how to do it the right way.

The truth is that there are no mundane activities.  It may not seem like everything--especially our "failures"--serves a purpose, but the important thing is the mere act of faithfully plodding along through the day-to-day.  And more than that--learning to skip joyfully along through the day-to-day.  Daily tying up the loose ends, cleaning out the "closets" of your heart, re-organizing your thoughts to be more efficient and productive in joy and in-the-moment thinking.

Because sometimes the mundane places are where the magical things happen.

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  1. Sadee, so beautifully thought through, written and illustrated. Eternal truths and right choosing of life attitudes shine brighter in the hard places.

  2. Love your words here...very inspiring! And the picture made me LAUGH!!! I have - in the past - actually done that to my kids!!!!!

  3. This is wonderful!
    I definitely agree!


  4. Yes, Sadee! When I am overwhelmed, cleaning helps me to gain a little control over my environment and gives me time to think, de-clutter my mind, pray. I regularly straighten and put away all the supplies in the studio before I begin a new project so I can start with a clean slate. Just makes me feel a little calmer.

    LOVE that painting; too funny!

    And glad your homesickness is better, too :)

  5. Oh dear friend. How I love this post. I was so thrilled to read that you can actually use gesso to cover watercolor paper. I am hoping this new knowledge might help a new piece of paper seem so intimidating. I think the watercolor flows differently, you can scrub back to white..... but looking forward to heading over to the store to get some and try it out on a couple of things that taunt me in that big cardboard box. I dug through it a bit this week and picked a few to work on some more. I also went through little ones closet on Monday. I am thinking its in hopes of Fall being right around the corner. A new season....

  6. Wonderful post! My own philosophy is very much the same - conjuring the magical from the everyday. It's the byline on my writer's blog. And in this post, you have conjured such inspiration!

  7. Oh my goodness... were you listening to my thoughts this week!?! I have been thinking this exact same thing. I over-think and can not just let go and experiment and play. Like each piece needs to be worth the time I am using... they all must work. But they don't. lol So needed to read this today. Thank you Sadee! ♥

  8. i loooooove this drawing! in my house, the hangers would all be askew and half the clothes would be on the floor.

  9. So relating to this post! I am in a hotel room making our big move to Colorado. And the tedious steps to get there and yet so much bonding is occurring in the midst...


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