Authenticity Part 2: Words Like Love

Love Typewriter 2

I've been drawing and painting a series of typewriters in these last few months, thinking about different characteristics of words and how we live them out--how they can sometimes become life to us as they flow out through our fingers.

I scratched out this poem a while back; it is what initially inspired the idea behind my newest painting, "Words like Love":

As she typed, the keys pulsed
like the blood through her veins.
She thought and she felt and
she loved
with her fingers.
she always meant every word. 

And the machine

was more than a machine;
it was the artist's favorite medium.
he responded to her touch 
like a cherished instrument 
and faithfully drummed out her song. 

pink write sm

I'm sure I'll revisit this idea and subject matter, since I seem to be obsessed with painting vintage typewriters! (It's a shame that I don't own one myself...)  But I'm happy with this messy, grungy art-journal style painting with the sketchy ink drawing, etched scratches, smudged graphite and deliciously joyful splash of red and bubblegum pink! Prints are available in my Etsy shop!

P.S.  I elaborated (or rambled!) a bit more about what this painting means to me here.


  1. Oh Sadee! I am so in love with your work. Blissfully pink and full of heart!

    I am thrilled you are selling on Etsy, I am headed there now to see your sweet shop!

  2. Junelle, I'm thrilled that you are thrilled! Thank you, as always, for your sweet encouragement! :)

  3. I love this!!!

    That poem sounds like something I would write about myself. The painting is so pretty!
    The word girl in me rejoices at the thought that you were inspired to paint the painting by one of your own poems. Inspiration comes in so many forms. (Even in the form of one medium of personal creativity inspiring another medium of personal creativity.)


  4. The textures in this are great and I love seeing the progress from yesterday's post :)

    The "love" coming from the typewriter is wonderful!

    I really admire the honesty (and authenticity) of yesterday's post!


  5. This is such a neat piece Sadee. I love the background and I love the inspiration behind it. Such a beautiful poem. You certainly have a way with words. ♥

  6. Oh I connect with this so much!! Typewriters are my weakness. I love clicking the keys and thrill to do it loudly! Checking out your Etsy shop...
    My Blog

  7. What an amazing pair of posts. Where to begin? The art pulled me in right away. The typewriter, the lettering, and that paint! oh that paint.
    but then your words, and your passion and your raw honesty. beautiful. thanks for sharing your art and your heart.

  8. Your artwork and your blog become more and more beautiful each time I visit Sadee :) Really wonderful! Sending hugs ;)

  9. I really like the typewriter with watercolor. So soft and yet dramatic too. Beautiful poem.

  10. Vintage typewriters are so cool! I love how you're incorporating them with words. Just lovely!

  11. I am an artist and aspiring writer and I find your vintage typewriter art simply enchanting! Keep up the beautiful work on this series! I enjoy them a lot!


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!