You Trim My Loose Ends


When I'm tattered

and tired

and nearly unraveled

you pull out the scissors

 and trim my loose ends.

scissors detail

I pick

and I pull

and I fret at the edges.

But you clip me close

without nicking my heart.

No stab of envy.
No slice of pain.

Just a quick



Scissors--You Trim My Loose Ends

like pruning shears.

And I blossom.

Read about this piece as a work-in-progress here.  And please check back on August 20th for prints available in my Etsy shop!  Joining Studio JRU for Studio Sneak Peek Friday.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this! The words and the painting flow so beautifully together. So glad to re-find you. :)

  2. I really do love that piece of art. Can't wait to visit your Etsy shop in August! You are beautiful with words.
    - and thanks so much for visiting GLP.

  3. Absolutely LOVE this...had to pin it on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/catring2

  4. So beautiful! Your work is lovely!

  5. I love your images and words! Beautiful.

  6. Your words matched your art perfectly. The scissors were beautiful, not scary or dangerous. Just like our Savior. He prunes us and cuts away those things that serve no purpose and leaves us more and more like Him. Terrific post!

  7. Awesome! The colors are so beautiful!

  8. Oh, I am thinking that quilters, sewers, cross-stitchers, heirloom sewers, smockers, knitters, crocheters, menders, etc. would love a print for their studios! It is so beautiful and stunning!

    (Coming in from Studio JRU today)

  9. OH Sadee! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comment! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! I live in color and drink it in so I immediately related to your tangles and melted into your colors!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!

    Now as far as this crazy long days of summer light... I am originally a Michigan girl so I completely get that feeling of being surprised by this crazy daylight at bed time. Will the wonder of it all ever really go away... it's like a little trick from Mother Nature and I act so surprised every night! LOL!

    -visiting via http://studiojru.com/blog/-

  10. I'm overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for this post, my sweet friends! I make art because I love to and because I hope that it will brighten someone's day. It makes me feel so good to know that it has done just that...and then to have people appreciate my writing as well...like I said, simply OVERWHELMING. :)

  11. I love the images of your beautiful scissors and truest words about friendship. So perfect, Sadee!


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!