Thankful Mid-Summer . . . or is this Spring???


Today I'm continuing my count of all the beautiful gifts in my life:

Rediscovering my photos of the first buds of spring . . . beauty captured and almost forgotten, but remembered on this mid-summer day. We've had a bit of heat here in Hamburg, but today it's cool and rainy again (surprise, surprise) and I can hardly imagine the Independence Day picnics happening in the US!

tree blossom

The thrill of swirling my initials onto a finished painting. It's odd, but I get really nervous to leave this final mark. I practice over and over again on a scrap of paper, even though it's just two of the same letter, and they look exactly the same every single time.

Dinner and conversation with the in-laws. My German is getting better and I think we are, on both sides, (happily) beginning to understand one another.

first spring blossoms

Humor from the two-year-old: Me: "Would you finish those veggies if I melted some cheese on them? What'cha think?" Eowyn: "I'm thinkin' . . . about . . . the cat."

Brains from the two-year-old: After we count to twelve she wants to count again, this time in German: "Jezt auf Deutsch, Mama!" According to the experts, English and German are supposedly just one big jumbled language to her right now. So it's amazing to see in her eyes (and to hear her say it out loud!) that she sometimes recognizes the difference.

Tenderness from the two-year-old: sometimes when Penelope cries (ok, and when I cry too) Eowyn searches urgently for a tissue and then gently dries her tears, all the time smoothing her hair, patting her back and shushing, "Don't cry Pippi."

Adorableness, adorableness, and more adorableness from the one-year-old.  Maybe just a bit of sass too (or maybe a lot?).  Penny insists upon loading the CD herself and then dances with her elbows stuck out and her fits clenched under her chin, almost like she's lifting a heavy bag with two hands.  I'm know this is a sign that I am a TERRIBLE dancer myself; where else would she have learned these moves?

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Sadee,
    Clicked over from Emily's and glad I did. Beautiful place, and I am a huge fan of two-year-old humor as we have so much of it around our house these days. I love this age, their marching, babbling, and discovering everything anew.

    ps love the name Penelope

  2. I get nervous about singing my name too! I have several unsigned paintings......
    Two-ness. So sweet. filled with energy. love. willful.... Love your photo

  3. Isn't it fascinating how the kids pick up different languages? Our daughter had just turned three when we moved to the US and didn't know a single word of English. After a year she started to correct our English pronounciation... They are just like a sponge.

  4. Thanks for the comments! My two-year-old wore me out today...wore herself out too. But she was still sharp enough to remember the "joke" she made yesterday and repeat it again out of the blue: "Mom, I'm thinkin' about the cat!"

  5. i read the two-year-old humor to my 'I do' (he's sitting elbow to elbow with me, remote in hand, ice cream churning out on the back deck, kids laughing in the pool & us two laughing here with you!)
    thank you for sharing your gifts this day :)


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