The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Today I added something, or someone, to my gift list, that many people would probably find a little creepy.  Even hubby thinks I'm a bit strange on this one, but my daughters totally get it.

Today I'm thankful for a spider.  More specifically, the spider that has been hanging out on my kitchen ceiling for a few days.  She's moved from one side of the room to the other, disappeared for a day (I admit that not knowing where she might be creeping around did give me what my mom always called "the eebie-jeebies") and reappeared this morning.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Hubby went back to work this week after being in-between jobs for a couple of months.  This means "back to work" for me too . . . working back up to being the capable mother and household manager, the one that I forget I can be when the Daddy is home to help.  Eowyn and Penelope miss having Papa around all day too, so this week the distraction of the spider has been a God-send.

The girls love her, especially Penny.  Several times a day she will drop what she's doing and run full speed into the kitchen to see if the spider is still there.  At 18 months, even though she babbles more than Eowyn did, Penny has fewer words than her sister did at the same age--I've heard this is common for second-borns (why be in a hurry to talk when big sister can speak for you?) but in Penny's case it probably has to do with the fact that she started her "bilingual life" before she was old enough to speak.  And children who grow up bilingual often speak later than their mono-lingual counterparts because it's a bit confusing to have so many more words swimming around in their brains.

But Penny does have a few words, and this week "spider" (sounding in Penny-speak like "pie-dough") clearly has been added to them.  She runs her little duck-run into the kitchen, points her chubby-petite finger in the air, and declares, "PIE-DOUGH," her mouth wide open to match the amazement in her round eyes, like she's discovering the arachnid for the very first time.  This causes Eowyn to come running, grab the bright orange broom, and try to poke at the spider with the handle.

Thankfully, she can't reach.  So naturally, she gallops around the apartment, riding the broom like a stick-horse instead.  Fearless and un-surprised by the joy that waits around every corner (or on the ceiling!), my funny little girls have no idea that their Mama stands frozen with caught-breath: I'm overwhelmed by how God has met my need for distraction and laughter this week with the timely and unexpected gift of a spider.  



  1. Beautiful thoughts on the unexpected gifts a spider, a magnificient visitor, brought into the hearts of your home!

    Praise God, love how He reveals things to us even in such small unexpected things usually gone unnoticed... I wonder how often we miss Him.

    JOYfully in Him,

  2. What a lovely, er... not so lovely, reminder. I love bugs and spiders. I catch and release. Sad, I know... ;-)

  3. My son cant even stand to hear the word spider.(the 21 year old) We call them by their scientific names around here. Your little ones sound like such a delight. I bet they are on your list many many times over again.

  4. so many times this has happened for me especially these last few years; these distractions have many times felt like my lifeline. You have shared it beautifully...

  5. The spider was here for 5 days. As soon as the weekend signaled the end of the work week and a chance to soak in some time with hubby/daddy, she disappeared. (I'm trying not to think of where she might be...eeeek!)

  6. Like Charlotte in 'Charlotte's Web'! It amazes me what strange & great gifts show up when you start looking...


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!