Happy Birthday America! Love, Germany

E w USA bdaycake2

Although we're far away from our *first* home, we decided to spend a special 4th of July in Hamburg. Eowyn and I talked about our country's "birthday" and looked at pictures of the American flag,  Then we grabbed the crayons to make a red-striped birthday cake with stars counted all the way to 50!

E and P on train

Dressed with red-white-and-blue flair (and snacks in tow!)
we rode the train into the heart of the city.

E and P on lightpole

We played--watching buses, chasing pigeons, smiling and waving at people (some of whom stopped to take their own pictures of my cuties)--in the large courtyard in front of Hamburg's beautiful Rathaus, or City Hall.  And I sprawled on the ground with my camera to get just the right angle on the awesome photo opportunities!

Eowyn Rathaus

Eventually, Penny was grounded to the stroller after chasing the pigeons with too much wild abandon.  But Eowyn suddenly decided to pose for me. In case you can't tell, I'm quite proud of my little German-American girls!

Daddy and 2 girls

Today we skipped the German Kaffee & Eis Cafes and the Italian gilato stands . . . opting instead for "American" Starbucks coffee and McDonald's ice cream from the "dollar" menu!  Ha! Daddy met up with us just in time to help the girls share their crackers with the swans and the geese . . . his strong arms preventing them from enthusiastically chasing the birds right into the canal!

3 girls

And here we are, frizzy and a bit goofy-tired, but happy at the end of a fun 4th of July in Hamburg.


  1. Your girls are so beautiful - so so sweet! Glad to hear you had a fun day :)

  2. I noticed Papas hand on the little one before I read your post. I love how papas need to protect their little girls. Even at 23.... my husband is still doing it. thankfully oldest doesnt mind. You have captured a beautiful day and little girls splendidly. (thank you for the kind comment about my paintings.btw) I pray you have something exciting to show us this Friday after your adventures!

  3. Your girls are gorgeous(just like their Mama)! I love your photo angles. It sounds like a perfect day!


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