Channeling my Inner Domestic Diva


Right after I wrote (here) on Sunday about how my housework has piled up in the wake of a season of intense creativity and focused art-making, this "domestic dropout" was suddenly inspired to channel her inner "domestic diva"--I wanted to check if she was still there, to make sure she's only been sleeping and hasn't entirely left the premises.

I snipped ribbon and tied a dozen sweet little blue bows to finally finish the curtains I've been making for my girls' room. I organized their closet and patched a few holes in the wall. I made some yummy potato salad (how very German of me!) and cleaned the kitchen 'til it sparkled . . . with the help of my new dishwasher!  I even accomplished the most dreaded chore on my list: clearing out and cleaning the refrigerator. This is why:

girls in fridge

Actually, it was what happend after the girls picked the duct-tape "lock" and dug into the leftover cake that inspired the fridge overhaul. I was distracted for a few minutes and when I returned to the kitchen I found Eowyn in the middle of clearing out the fridge all by herself. She declared that she was making "sketti" (spaghetti, of course) and proceeded to crack an egg into a bowl of syrupy mandarin oranges.  Since the fridge was already empty I decided to go ahead and clean it, especially since these two little "cooks" were, apparently, going to be dipping their little fingers in everything.

What a joy it was to be so encouraged by the antics of my toddlers.  You see, part of me has been guilty wondering what they`ve been learning from me as I skip the chores and paint wtih abandon, "playing" just like a little girl.  But even as I wonder what kind of example I am setting, they are still absorbing the joys of domestic life and imitating the efforts at cooking and cleaning that I do make.

Even more importantly (and the crayon on my walls should have clued me in to this), my creativity is sparking their creativity.  This struck me with a near-physical weight as I watched Eowyn climb up on the chair I had just been standing on to take her own "pictures" of the collection of pretty blue ribbons.

wyn and camera

I realized this: Whatever it is that I am accomplishing at home, and as long as I make time to focus on what matters most--acknowledging the beauty that is around us and adding to it--I am showing my daughters that there are countless outlets for sharing the joy in their hearts.  And who knows better than children how to make even ordinary moments magical.

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  1. I love these last two posts! Your little girls remind me so much of mine! And I spy some Ikea fabric in that first photo! I have some of it in my apartment too - so cheerful :)

  2. By the way Sadee, how did you make that cool button here on your blog?! I've tried looking it up on Google, but it sounded complicated. Is there an easy way to do it? I'd like to make one for the e-course!


  3. Lucky girls to have a mom who would make such beautiful curtains for them.

  4. Your girls are cute mischiefs! Thanks for the reminder to take joy and recognize beauty where we are.
    I am loving your blog and your banner inspires me so much, I'm going to get out my pens and paints right now!

  5. ur babies are so cute.............................
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