The Birth of Creative Vision

The creativity that has been birthed in my heart during the last nine months really has surprised me.  Inspiration has overwhelmed me to the point that my pulse literally quickens when I get a new idea, and every one of my days must include some sort of sketching or painting or writing . . . or else I feel grumpy and sad.  Creating has become a part of me, like my fingerprint.  


I have been painting for years.  But recently I have begun to feel real purpose and passion. The only thing is, and this is hard for me to admit: in the last nine months I have been demoted from Domestic Diva to Domestic Dropout.  (Thankfully I have a SWEET and amazingly understanding and supportive husband . . . who has become quite the "house-man.")

As a wife and stay-at-home-mom of two toddlers, this intense desire, this calling I have to create feels a bit, well, anti-homemaker.  All of my creative energy is suddenly aimed at making art, even at the expense of cooking, decorating, and yes, cleaning.  Wait, that's not true.  Most of my creative energy is aimed at mothering and teaching my two bright little girls. What's left over is aimed at making art . . . because playing with paint and ink and pencils is so much more fun than doing the dishes.
"Your creative spirit is very, very forgiving.  It doesn't care where you're going, or how busy you are, or if the house is clean, or even if you're afraid.  It just wants you to recognize it from where you stand today--even with the hectic schedule, the overwhelming moments, the worries, and the ever-growing to-do list.  We must embrace the idea that our creative dreams can begin from the very place we stand today, not 'after this' or 'after that' or even when everything else in our lives lines up perfectly." --Kelly Rae Roberts, from Taking Flight: Tips and Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings
I'm struck by the similarities between what Kelly Rae Roberts says is the myth that our creative hearts must be put on the back-burner until all of life's busy-ness is sorted out, and the myth that you can plan and plan and plan to be ready for parenthood.  I have a feeling that most parents would say that no matter how much or how little planning goes into having a baby; you never can be truly "ready" . . . and once that baby gets here, she needs intense nurturing and doesn't care what else you've got going on!

Life happens, and sometimes it's not what you expected and dramatically different from what you planned.  God has a sense of humor and an uncanny way of surprising us.


I feel like I've been blessed with three babies in three years--two beautiful, real-life little girls, and one little vision of sharing my heART--a "little" vision that lately has also  demanded a lot of nurturing!
"The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow. 
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!          
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.     
- Ruth Hulbert Hamilton, from "Song for a Fifth Child"
While I do yearn for things to come back into some sort of "balance"--more time for the cooking and the cleaning and maybe a little decorating and renovation too--it is also a day I dread, in a way.  I imagine that later I will look back upon these years as the season of "falling in love" with my daughters as well as with this boundless creativity and the One who inspires it.

And I can say, almost with certainty, that I won't remember the piled-up housework.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Beautiful paintings. I am trying to balance my writing skills with preparing for my first baby who is due in Nov, I hope slowly I can find it. it would be nice to find it because balance makes things even more enjoyable. Have a nice Sunday evening :).

  2. "She makes great art and is such a creative person" is so much better than "She's great at cleaning her house". During the hours my daughter is at school I don't clean the house, I do what my heart tells me to do - paint, write, take pictures. I like the cooking, though, because it is very creative as well.

  3. Thank you Toi! I wish you well in preparing for your baby! I'm right there with you in seeking balance. You're right--balance makes things MUCH more enjoyable.

    Carola--you make such a good point! It's all about following your heart and being the person you WANT to be. A little dust never hurt anybody. And I agree that cooking shouldn't be lumped together with the housecleaning. I love to cook too but recently feel uninspired...think maybe I need some new cookbooks or a couple of good cooking blogs! :)

  4. I agree balance is the key.. Sometimes so hard time find! From your blog and paintings it is clear God has given you a gift - embrace it fully <3

  5. I would love to be your assistant and maybe some of your talent would leak onto me. haha. Your art makes the world a more beautiful place! Blessings!

  6. Thank you Sadee. I love this post. I have been struggling with the whole 'domestic dropout' thing lately and balance. I love how you said you won't remember the piled up housework. What a great way to look at the situation. Love it! ♥

  7. GREAT post! I know how you feel - I start to get very antsy and depressed if I don't have a creative project to work on, as if I will either explode or wither away. But it's awful hard to find the right balance between mothering and creating sometimes - wish I were better at it.

  8. Never ever put cleaning before your creativity. Your creativity is a gift.

    This is a beautiful post and I found it really inspirational. Thank you.

  9. Welcome to Germany! :) I hope you feel good here. Love your playing with colours. Very nice pictures. If you like, join us on *PicStory*. You are warmly invited! :) LG Tina

  10. Playing with colours is superb idea. I really like it very much. You done impressive work, it is first stage for kids to indroduction of life.
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  11. Yes! Listen to a girl who waited until her babies had grown before unfolding her wings...do it now! I think there is so much good in keeping a bit of yourself happily thriving through motherhood. Makes for a more joy-filled Mum for sure!

    Love you and all you do~

  12. beautiful...
    glad to have found you!

    this reminds me of a saying i saw on pinterest:
    the earth without art is just eh."

    blessings to you!


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