The Arms that Would Hold Me

remember typewriter

Hello July, schön dass du da bist--it's nice to see you here on the calendar today!  July means my dad's birthday, my husband's birthday . . . and the anniversary of my mom's homecoming.

This month has been a tough one for seven years now.  But during this past month I've been seriously working things out in my heart, "remembering with my fingers" as I called it in this post--finally telling myself the story (after a bit of encouragement from my dad, who was leading a grief support class with my step-mom) and finding that time does continue to heal.

Today I'm sharing this story as a Guest Writer at (in)courage.  I would be honored if you would visit me there!  It's a story seven years in the making . . . well, really, 28 years in the making, and I'm feeling quite raw (but also relieved) inside after finally scraping it out.

Have your fingers been busy this week too?  Painting, writing, cooking, creating . . . I'm linking up today with Studio JRU and with Imperfect Prose later this week--looking forward to reading the stories of other creatives there!


  1. What a heartfelt tribute to your mother, so beautifully written and illustrated. You are so very talented. It is not only beautifully written but a visual feast!

  2. Tears Sadee... tears. That was so touching. Thank you for sharing! (((hugs)))

  3. I commented over at in-courage, but just wanted to tell you how beautiful that was! And loved this quote:

    As I unravel before God, I’m reminded that He uses what sometimes feels to us like a tangled mess to weave a beautiful tapestry: the story of our lives


  4. Thank you all for reading and for your encouragement!

  5. A beautiful remembrance- both of your mother and your love story.

  6. Sadie, thank you for your kind comments on my blog, which allowed me to find you (through Imperfect Prose), and to read your post at incourage. It is so precious, it brought tears to my eyes. How special your relationship with your mom, and how much God poured His love on you through your new husband.
    (And I must add-- you have two adorable little girls!)

    I pray that God uses your halting German and others' halting English to a place in the middle where you can share... and as trite or cheesy as it may sound-- that much is spoken through kindness and love, even without words. Sometimes, our words may even get in the way. :)
    Blessings to you, so glad to find you and your beautiful blog!

  7. Hi Sadee, Your work and all your gifts are a beauty to behold. I absolutely have fallen in love with your expression. I've always dreamt of doing watercolor painting...I don't draw well, but I draw, nonetheless...because it feels like it needs to come out of me, so I try...

  8. Thank you all for your continued encouragement! It's just like you say Nancy--we MUST express ourselves in whatever way we can! Sketch the sketches, tell the stories--just get it out there, because there is SOMEONE who will connect with it. Even if it's only one person, the connection is worth the risk of expression.


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!