Words Like Feathers

feathers sm

"Tell Your Story (Words Like Feathers)"

Her words flew from her fingers
and fell as light
and as heavy 
as feathers.

Words elegant in power,
words gentle in Truth.
Words with healing tenderness
to rebuild the wings of the broken.

Words like feathers
with dreams of freedom
and memories of flight.

tell your story

Much of the work I'm creating now is all about "telling stories," about how our stories have the power to encourage and to build up others. I'm working on a few more ideas and hope to reveal them as a collection sometime later this summer in a re-opening of my Etsy shop.  I think I will do a few more typewriters too; these little machines are so fun to draw, and they embody a strong message in such a sweet and quirky package.

Words like feathers sm

Ok, so this turned out the be a bit more than just a "sneak" peek! I love this new painting so much I just had to go ahead and share it ;).


  1. Oh my goodness...I love the typewriter before -- but this version now is breathtaking in every way. I am such a wordie and my son's are too...this so speaks to me in such a sweet and deep way.

    I adore it. I think everything you do is adorable and I am so thrilled to have bumped into you on Jennifer's blog this year.

    Yes on the ETSY shop ~ I am there and will be your first sale! Keep me in the loop! :o)

  2. Junelle has really said it - the poem just captured me, and then to see the feathers emerging from the typewriter! Breathtaking! And the "reveal" is perfect as one scrolls down and reads...


  3. The first Sadee painting I ever purchased was in 2007. Since then, I've acquired a few more...and you continue to amaze me with your talent. I love watching how your style has changed over the years. None of the styles better than the others, just a different facet of your mind. Love watching it all emerge!

  4. This is just so beautiful Sadee! I loved the typewriter itself. This just added to the beauty. I love feathers. Love the calming colors you used too. Gorgeous work! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  5. Great job...really love the soft colors and the feathers (like old quill pens) flowing out of the typewriter. I miss ole typewriters...lost art like letter writing these days. Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  6. This is beautiful. More than worth it to come and visit through Studio JRU. I love the colors, the feathers, the typewriter is awesome!!! So glad I met you here!!

  7. What an uplifting Sunday I have had reading all of your warm and kind words! Thank you so much for visiting my blog this weekend. I feel so blessed to share my art with you here!

  8. a life cleared of accumulated complications and illuminated by moments of simplicity and of beauty. That's it ... that's ALL ... you said it so very well ... I love the type writer illustrations ... my GrandMother used one everyday of her life with a sixth grade education!

  9. Stopping by from Studio JRU... Sadee- your words and art are just beautiful! I just L O V E your typewriter pieces---the colors, the playful nature of the graphics! just delightful... nice to meet you!

  10. oh, brought a tear to my eye! I love the theme, the colors...... Oh how I wish we could paint together, or just drink a cuppa tea/coffee and talk about our art, our God and what is on our heart.

  11. Your creations - words and painting are so exquiste, moving and healing actually. I lost my mother 5 years ago and I can relate to the sweet feelings you convey. And your use of colors are simply delicious.
    P.S. Came across you over at Junelle's blog.


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!