My Neighborhood, Germany


The mini "suspension bridge" in the playground behind my apartment building.  
Reminds me of the bridge my dad would play "Troll" under when I was a kid.  
Only this one is higher off the ground and makes my daughters feel quite daring 
(and Hubby and I a little "angstlig"--nervous) when they toddle across . . . 
very closely supervised, of course.
I even like the bit of graffiti at the end.


Yes, I have begun to love graffiti.

Gorgeous flowers abound everywhere almost everywhere you look in Hamburg. 
These are growing just down the street, as if without a care, right next to the bus stop.

Spring in Norderstedt

In the city center of our little town at the northern edge of Hamburg.
More bright spring flowers and a bicycle parked in front of the flower shop.
But like the graffiti, dried brown leaves, an old newspaper,
and a trash can add that contrasting urban flavor I am growing to love!
p.s. You don't often see much litter in Germany.  It is beautiful and CLEAN here!


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