Sunlight at 10pm...and Other Gifts

Fresh, summer-white curtains streaming with sunlight.

Fresh, summer-white curtains still glowing with sunlight . . . at 10:00 PM!

Sunlight at 10pm

A snapped picture of late-night sunshine illuminating white curtains turning out so sweet because of the miracle that my room was actually clean. . . an unexpected reward for a hot and frazzled day of organizing.

Hubby making me a cup of Green Jasmine tea and shooing me into the studio to paint a little and enjoy that last hour of sunlight.

I've been counting my blessings today and writing them down after neglecting my Gift List for a few weeks. It's amazing to feel the transformation in my heart as I watch the gifts materialize in loops of blue ink dancing across the page and filling the tiny squares of the graph-paper notebook. I've been letting the little things--the everyday frustrations and worries--get me down. But now I'm letting the other kinds of little things pick me back up again.  

Now, just a few more. This list is really addicting; how could I have forgotten it for these last few weeks?!

Eowyn joyful and so "grown up" in the beautifully messy kitchen--she's helping me bake for the very first time (pancakes for Daddy on Father's Day).

Pancakes for Father's Day

Peek-a-boo with the vintage owl trivet.

Eowyn and Owl Trivet

Little Penelope curled in the wicker chair, just like a cat.

Penny like cat

I hope you get a quiet moment today to curl up in your own favorite chair, and add up on paper a few of your blessings.



  1. sweet post. Love the little ones with ringlets...... so many ysterdays ago...

  2. Your life looks adorable. Beautiful blessings, indeed.
    And your bed looks very cozy :)

  3. came over from Ann's and I am glad I did. LOVE your watercolor painting. I am trying to get back into it having not done it in 20 years. I have the paper stretched and yet can't get over the fear of actually putting brush and pigment on paper. following on GFC. :-)

  4. Love your gift list today Sadee! Love the photos. Adorable. Fresh summer-white curtains streaming with sunlight make me smile! :)

  5. I miss those long summer days!!! (well, I do not miss the short winter days...). A beautiful list, blessings in your life.

  6. I love the pic of your precious girl curled up like a cat! So sweet!

  7. Love seeing your little one in the kitchen with you. Sometimes I wondered if it was worth it, for all the extra mess, but looking back, I definitely say YES!

  8. Your girls are beautiful Sadee! And I think I'm in love with your blog banner. You are very talented my friend :)

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I hope you had a week full of blessings. Now Eowyn is hooked on helping me in the kitchen. Anytime she thinks it looks as if there might be something for her to stir, she drags over her little chair and grabs a spoon!


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