Studio Sneak Peek: Share Your Heart

I have so many new ideas floating around in my head and scribbled out in notebooks and in sketchbooks and even in my girls' coloring books.  So I was surprised at myself when I was inspired to do another heart painting (the red and blue hearts) right after I finally finished my first one (violet and gold hearts).

share your heart

I've been thinking about hearts a lot in recent weeks--about the moment when a tiny little heart begins to beat; about the moments when two hearts beat so close together that you can't tell your heart from the other; about how hearts can become intertwined and connected across miles and across oceans, even across the boundaries of time and space.

Hearts and Bees

I blogged about this painting as a work-in-progress here.  From the beginning I had envisioned adding the bees to the finished piece, but the inspiration for the flowers came later.

This painting is about sharing your heart "with words like honey"--cultivating a heart like a flower and relationships like gardens, with the sweet gentleness that nurtures love, encouragement and a buzzing exchange of ideas.

hearts and bees detail

I realized today that this might be part of the reason why hearts have been so much on my mind and, well, on my heart: three years ago this week we found out, for the first time, that there was another little heart beating inside of me.

Every child is a miracle, of course.  But after several years of infertility struggles and then a miscarriage, I was a veeeery happy mama-to-be (maybe even an annoyingly happy one!) and carried around this tiny baby like the treasure I thought I might never find.  The following summer, at almost the exact same time, we discovered that our other little treasure, Eowyn's little sister Penelope, was already on her way.


It is an embarrassment of riches: two little girls plucked from Heaven and placed in my life one right after the other . . . and now my husband and I can hardly remember what the world was like before they came.

gorgeous girlies

As I watch my girls grow in stature, in knowledge and in spirit, I feel my heart strings entangling more and more with theirs.  I think of how they are already learning to love and to nurture, preparing to share their hearts with others and even with their own children someday.  And I know that what Elizabeth Stone writes is true--that having a child is "forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” 

p.s. Loving my husband feels a lot like this too. My Five Minute Friday post is about him and all of the other Daddies and Granddaddies who share their hearts with us in ways that show us what True Love is all about.


  1. your art is so so beautiful.. and I loved the quote and your thoughts you shared.. about how your life is so beautiful because of your two girls.. I hv two girls too.. mine are both almost adults... but yes... that feeling of your heart walking outside of your body.. it never goes away.. you always feel that way.. xo hugs thks for sharing your beautiful soul. xo

  2. How beautiful...and amazing that your inspiration comes from two very precious gifts! Thank you for sharing that quote about children. I appreciated that, as a mother!

  3. love your illustrations! i think the typewriter might be my fav. :) and your girls are precious. i've had several people quote that line to me before, too, but have never known the author, so thanks!

  4. Your heart is so living and happy! I love your paintings~ but this one is so uniquely introspective. I love it when our hearts come right out of our fingers and delight our creative minds? Having made all of these connections this week is so beautiful...what gifts of affirmation to you! Beautiful babes~

    You are a brilliant artist and I am so thrilled to know you~

  5. I really loved the meaning imbedded in this piece...what a way of making anatomy look beautiful!


  6. Beautiful heart pieces! I love the bees and flowers and the meaning they add to the heart. Your miracles are just precious! Adorable.


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!