Friendship Like Scissors

scissors sneak peek

Two more pairs of scissors recently came in the mail.  I don't need more scissors, but these two pairs are old friends and I was happy to see them.  They came from the US in a box of paintings and art supplies that I packed nine months (or, what really seems like a lifetime) ago.

It's funny how something as insignificant as having more than one or two pairs of scissors can feel like such an indulgence.  

scissors sneak peek 3

It was my dear, indispensable friend in Colorado who sent the box of art supplies.  Her family stores stacks of boxes for us and lugs one or two to the Post Office now and then when we can spare some cash for international shipping.  We were talking about which boxes I wanted next and she said she'd put them in the mail just as soon as she could find her packing tape, which had "mysteriously" disappeared (a.k.a. probably been confiscated by her ever-creative 10-year-old for one of his projects).

Suddenly I heard, from many years back, my Mother's exasperated Mama-Bear voice yelling up the stairs, "WHERE ARE MY SCISSORS???"  She had three ever-creative kids who were always borrowing her tape and scissors too.

eowyn scissors web

I must have learned it from my mama--it has never occurred to me that I needed to own more than one or two pairs of scissors.  But now . . . let me count . . . I have 18 pairs of scissors.  Crazy, no?  Several pairs have come in the mail (a really cute pair from my grandma and a package of various sizes from my father-in-law).  They show up in random corners of my apartment (my Mom-in-Law lived here before us).  I find pairs I don't even remember packing in the boxes that slowly arrive from the US.

I started to wonder what I was supposed to learn from the scissors and from the "luxury" of always having a pair close by at the exact moment you need to snip off a ragged edge or a dangling thread.

scissors sneak peek 2

My wealth of scissors got me thinking about my wealth of friends--about the way God has provided people in every season of my life to be there at the exact moment I needed someone to lean on, to lend a listening ear or wise words of encouragement    . . . and I've been sketching out ideas and working on a new painting with these things in mind.

Old friends and new, friends near and friends far.  Chat-over-coffee friends and talk-on-the-phone friends and write-long-email friends and leave-short-blog-note friends and even all of the dream-of-once-in-a-while friends from long ago, from other lives, really . . . You are all beautiful and I love the ways in which our lives intersect, the way our stories intertwine, even if only for a moment.

How many pairs of scissors do you have? Do you have "friends like scissors?" Friends who trim your loose ends, even friends who can say the hard things sometimes--in love?  Linking up with Studio JRU's Studio Sneak Peek, this week hosted at I Believe in Love!


  1. Wow! I love your drawings and paintings they look so amazing together!

  2. Okay, so blogger lost my comment. Blech!

    Short version of prior comment -- I collect vintage kerosene lamps, but my scissor collection is purely for practical reasons.

    Lovely post. Glad to have found you. :)

  3. Amazing! Wow...and I love your little artist too! Lovely collection of scissors!

  4. Wow, your paintings are amazing! Beautiful!

  5. Hello. I'm a new follower. You have a wonderful blog.

  6. Guten tag, Sadee!

    Your story sounds so familiar. For years I was frustrated with my kids, who were always sneaking away with my scissors (and using them to cut everything under the sun!). When we made our studio space and began to put things into their places, I realized it was crazy not to have enough scissors for everyone at the table. I bought SIX pairs and now we always have enough scissors. And my good fabric scissors get used only for fabric :)

    Love the photo of your darling at the table, making.

  7. I can certainly understand the joy that comes from receiving a familiar item in the mail when you live so far away.

    Your paintings are amazing! I love how you compared your wealth of scissors to wealth of friends. Beautiful!

  8. I am in love again! Your work just speaks so clearly to my heart...every piece! This one helps me to feel the connections of our shared creatings, the letting go (cutting strings - hard to do when your children get older! or when loved ones leave us here when they die), and the beauty in the inner workings of each others lives?

    I am loving you as one of my treasured scissors! Your creations are symbolic treats for my soul!

  9. Oh, thank you so much my lovely friends. You overwhelm me with your sweet words of encouragement!

  10. Sadee I love this post (thankfully suggested by Junelle's last post). And what a lovely way you weave your thoughts and creative processes. I probably have 10 scissors and they each have their specific purpose. Some years back when I studied fashion design I learnt that you simply cannot mix fabric and paper scissors (paper makes them very blunt) so I became almost holy about my tailor scissor. I love that they each have their purpose and I have a very fond relationship with each.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts... and I simply love that amazing watercolor artwork.

  11. Found you through "Yes and Amen." Can't wait to read old posts and get to know you better.

    Love the scissors story -- my mom used to say the same thing. My dad would also come into the house and pretend he'd find straight needles and chase me with them. I soon learned to look for those that made their way into the shag carpet (now I'm hinting at my age!!).


  12. Ok another crazy coincidence between you and I! I have my best friend who lives in Colorado and she used to send me artist packages while in Germany because all my stuff was stuck in Arizona. AND I am actually moving to Colorado in about a month.

  13. @God's Little People and Kay--thank you for visiting me here! I'm blessed that you found me through Junelle's blog.

    Robin--wow, that IS another crazy coincidence! I hope your packing is going well for your move--I LOVE COLORADO, and I MISS COLORADO!!! :)

  14. What a taste of nostalgia...... I remember hearing the same thing growing up. I keep my best pr hidden. ;) wink wink. The techniques you use and the color palette just bring me to tears sometimes. Are you Using Daniel Smith or Holbein watercolors by chance????


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