His Heart is my Home

He watches over our coming

penny on bridge2

and our going.

penny on bridge

He lifts us up

Tree Climbing

and carries us,

Wynni and Daddy

lets us feel the wind in our hair.

Daddy on Bicycle

His gentle hands ease our troubles

Daddy and Bandaid

and his heart is ever-loving, ever-forgiving,
ever-a-blessing, ever-my-home.

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p.s. Adding the pictures was time outside of the five minute writing window :).  And I also wrote today about the other two "hearts who are my home"--my little daughters--here.


  1. I enjoyed this! Did you draw these pictures? They are beautiful, I will go check out your blog! Have a great evening,

  2. Well, I just learned they indeed are your drawings, you are very talented:)!

  3. Let me just say.. HOW HAVE I NOT STUMBLED UPON YOUR BLOG UNTIL NOW?!?! LOVe it here! You have such talent! Can't wait to browse more of your writing and art.

  4. Beautiful pictures. You have an amazing gift.

  5. Thank you for all your sweet comments! I'm not sure if I thought of posting these pictures after I wrote the words, or if the words were unconsciously inspired by these pictures--which I had recently been sorting through. Whichever way, I guess it works! :)

  6. sadee, i just came across this tonite. the colors and drawings on your blog make me smile:) but they also have so much depth to them as well! whenever i come across your blog, it is a delightful experience. thanks.

  7. This is the most beautiful declaration of love to your man!! And the illustrations are truly wonderful!


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