Even When Things are a Little Topsy-Turvy

Penny Upsidedown

Penelope's favorite sentence right now at almost 17 months is "Der't isth,"  translated from Penny-speak"There it is!"  She usually says it when we're looking for her binky or for her sippy cup (which we do soooo often that I swear I feel brain cells dying).

We ask her, "Where's your binky?"  She immediately responds, "Ummm...." and then she claims, "Der't isth!" even before we have actually re-discovered the missing item.  Sometimes she enters a room, points and says, "Der't isth!" even when we weren't looking for anything at all.

It strikes me that my sweet little girl's endearing habit is a poignant story of faith.  

The apartment is disheveled, the laundry an ever-growing mountain, toys lay waiting to attack toes, and crumbs of food litter the furniture and sometimes even my bed-sheets.  But this doesn't matter to Penny.  She finds joy everywhere she looks, even in the "binky-search-and-rescue-game" that drives hubby and me crazy.  Even more than that, she enjoys the search.

I think that's what faith is: joy in the seeking, even when the finding continues to elude us.  Because if we found what we were looking for right away, it wouldn't actually require any faith at all.  

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1).

"Certain of what we do not see"--I love this.  It is the Ultimate Promise that even when life is topsy-turvy and sometimes downright miserable, Good can always come out of our messes.

Although I am hoping for a clean apartment, I am certain that it is something that I will not see for a couple of years yet.  Ha!  But there's a lot of learning and growing and creating going on in this mess; maybe even because of this mess.  Ok, so I have to re-do all of my chores a hundred times a day (that is, on a day I even care to keep the place looking clean). But this just makes me like the Karate Kid--"wax on, wax off"--learning a tedious lesson over and over again so that faith and joy become like second nature.

What lessons have you learned along the "topsy-turvy" way?

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  1. What a sweet, beautiful post. These used to be the messes in my life, it seems with adult children things change oh so much. I am learning hard mommy lessons, so thankful in our adoption journey that I learned hard God/ faith lessons. They are coming in handy. Gods word is applicable no matter how scary and big the messes are...


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