flowers in bowl

Today I took a little break just to sketch. I've been painting intently and trying to "finish" a piece...sometimes I forget, because I love it so much, how tiring intense painting can be! I drew these simple little flowers free-hand from my imagination with sepia-toned india ink. My hand was shaking a bit from too much coffee this sleepy afternoon, but I was actually enjoying the organic effect it created in my drawings! Now, the caffeine jitters were not of much help as I cut out the flowers to use in a watercolor collage I'm working on, but I managed to complete the task without injury. :)

The flowers look like sweet little treasures, set aside in a china bowl on my work table.

Speaking of treasures, today I'm continuing to share from my list as I count my way to 1,000 gifts--the small moments of joy that I'm learning to live in, instead of overlooking in hurry and haste:

8. Sometimes Hubby works from home in the afternoons when the girls are napping.  Focused, companionable silence makes work more enjoyable, but the best part is our laughter at each other's random comments--we both have the habit of talking to ourselves.

9-11. The possibilities of a fresh, empty journal, a pack of brightly colored construction paper, and large, heavy sheets of rough, deckle-edged watercolor paper.

12. My vintage-inspired wedding ring that still sparkles and catches my eye at unexpected moments.

14. The streetlight that shines through my bedroom window--I like to pretend that it's the moon, and it's glow is just as safe and romantic.

16-17. Minty rhubarb-colored smear across a wide, dimpled grin. Why she thinks hiding the tube of lip gloss behind her back will fool anyone...I have no idea.

19. German song lyrics: "Du bist immer mein Zuhaus." Translated, "You are always my home."

23-25. 20 raisin-wrinkled fingers scrubbed clean and toying with fresh golden locks in the familiar ready-for-bed routine. The spider watches from the bathroom ceiling. Two-year-old enthusiasm rings out with petite arms beckoning: "'Bitsy spider, come here! Come take a baf'!"


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