Thankful on a Rainy Monday

Eowyn at the lake
Curious Eowyn

A few things I am thankful for on this rainy Monday, as I remember last week's gloriously sunny Mother's Day at the lake called the "Großer Plöner See":

- Eowyn on the beach, hugging the dog cut from metal. She asks him if he's cold standing there in the wind and the waves.

- Holding a feather up against the wind to feel it buzz and tremble with memory of flight.

- Pebbles worn smooth and collected precious in pockets.

- Chicken, peppers, and something new--Grill Käse (cheese)--all smoky and delicious from the tiny camp grill.

- A hot bath after a good day of fresh air and sun...and the aroma of coffee wafting in from the kitchen--the promise of a night-cap movie-date mit meinen Mann.

Penny at the lake
Dancing Penelope

- The best Mother's Day gifts of all--A two-year-old's words, each with weight carefully measured: "I lov' you Mama." And the one-year-old snuggling deeper into the curve of my neck as I tell her I love her too, that she's a special girl. She pats my pack in response, three distinct times, and I feel the words, maybe even more than if she had spoken them.



  1. What a lovely post.Are you in Germany with Business or Military? My sisters family is relocating there with AF soon.
    I love the way you use the plastic wrap with your washes. I am going to paint a peony tomorrow and maybe revisit hydrangeas. Each year I am brought to tears by the colors. Thank you for visiting my blog about little G- and for your kind comment.

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing your list this week. Blessings.

  3. Aww... such sweet photos! She is just precious. Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day celebration. Beautiful! :)

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments! Anna, we are in Germany for family. My husband is German and we have always had it in our hearts to live in Germany someday "for a while" to spend time with his family (I haven't been able to communicate with them much at all in the 6 years we were married before we moved here). After our second daughter was born, the Lord told us "someday" was "now"; and it really was good timing for the little ones because it was such an easy adjustment for them!

    Anyway, I hope your sister's family adjusts well when they get here!


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!