My Home-Studio Assistant

Sebastian Mothe

When I talk about "working in the studio," I'm actually referring to either one of two places.  These are pictures of where I work in my "home studio," which is actually the living room/office space in the 72 square meter (775 square feet) Hamburg apartment that I share with my Sweet German Hubby, our two busy (and sometimes destructive) toddlers, und einen ganzen schwarzen Kater (an all-black boy-cat) who has the energy and tendency-to-get-into-everything of a dog.

I keep all my supplies shut tight in cabinets or high upon shelves, which helps to keep out grubby little fingers but not always a curious cat who, strangely, pays attention to me only when I am engrossed in my watercolors.  He likes to bat around my colored pencils, to chew on my paintbrushes, to step in wet paint and add his little kitty footprint to my compositions, and to try and drink the water as it changes colors with every dip of my brush.

My Painting Assistant
Sebastian Mothe, helping me paint
The cat has two names--Sebastian Mothe--because he has two personalities.  He is often sweet and charming, thus the name Sebastian.  But he also gets really crazy and sort of "flies" around the house--chasing things, pouncing on feet, swatting hair from high places--especially at night.

I like working from home because I can quickly set up my supplies and snatch a couple hours of good painting time during my daughters' afternoon naps or late at night (like in these photos) when inspiration is blocking out sleep.  But painting-time is now the same time when The Mothe comes out to play...

During the past two weeks I have begun to work a little in the for real studio space I share with my in-laws (more on this later). The first day I decided to get some work done without the help of my crazy cat, I loaded my backpack and my little wheeled trolley full of paints, pens and pencils plus avocado with carrots for my dinner.  Then I enjoyed a beautiful 15 minute walk down winding, tree-covered paths and past the city center and through the parks with open fields and tall grass and grafittied alcoves...and let my mind wander.  When I reached the red-brick room with the forest-green trim and settled down at the table to paint, I was still a bit un-focused.  I glanced up at the window, saw a black cat slinking among the ivy-covered bushes, and for about five confused seconds I thought that Sebastian had hitched a ride in my little wheeled trolley too!  I think my cat must be haunting me.

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