Abstract Art at the Rock Symphony

David Garrett

Hubby and I enjoyed David Garrett's "Rock Symphonies" concert (with the Russian National Philharmonic Orchestra) last night at the Hamburg "O2 World" Arena. Our tickets were a generous gift from my German Mom (Hubby's mom).  The music was amazing--I can't believe that David Garrett is only 30, the same age I am! He is a gifted musician--a German child prodigy violinist and Julliard graduate turned classical music rock star.  

David Garrett RockSymphony

The program included re-interpreted music from Beethoven, Bach, The Beetles, U2, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Josh Groban...and others. The music was beautiful, touching, energizing...and rockin', of course! Garrett makes himself so personable and like-able with his laid-back demeanor and the funny, self-depreciating stories he tells in between songs (and with his blond ponytail and rugged good looks --he earned extra money while studying at Julliard by working as a model!).

David Garrett 5

Anyway, I'm not startruck, not at all!  I promise. I was actually unexpectedly captivated by the visuals of the light show. Look at all these gorgeous colors! I especially love the amethyst-toned violets and the green-aqua-turquoise combinations (my favorite colors). The above photo really captures the magic of the night.

David Garrett 6

I took all these photos with my iPhone 2--not the best camera ever, but I had forgotten my Nikon. So thank you, trusty iPhone; without you I wouldn't have been able to document this awesomeness! And, if I had taken photos with my good camera, I probably wouldn't have started playing around with the artistic filters in Photoshop.  But all of the colors you see are authentic, original to the show we saw last night.

David Garrett 3

There were some hot pyrotechnics in the show too. I captured some of the bursts of flame on camera, but the fire made the scene completely monochromatic and not so interesting. The resulting puffs of smoke actually caught my attention more than the showy towers of flame.

David Garrett 2

This might be my favorite picture. You can almost see the music and the spotlight has transformed into the visual representation of Garrett's fire and passion for his art.

David Garrett 4

Ok, in this photo it almost looks as if extra-terrestrials have come to beam David Garret up into their UFO. With that thought, I must get back to work and get "grounded" again by staining the paper and my fingers with watercolors, colored pencils, ink. I think playing with these psychedelic Photoshop filters has made my brain a little wacky today!


  1. I see you use a Nikon, can you recommend one? I am in the market for a camera and just feel so overwhelmed with the options.

  2. Hi Anna, I use a Nikon D3000. I really like it but still haven't learned much about it and use all of the automatic settings, although I know it can do a lot more. I felt overwhelmed when I was shopping too and ended up buying the camera that the sales guy at Best Buy (who is a photographer) recommended for me--I just wanted a professional-ish camera for photographing my artwork and taking good pictures of my girls.


Thank you for being kind with your words and generous with your time!