Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 30th birthday! I always feel nostalgic for the birthdays of my childhood--my mom was so good at making those days special! She and my grandma always used to add to my collection of pink depression glass on birthdays. Now that we are living in Germany, it has been interesting to discover the random different possessions that I gradually begin to miss. This week I have been craving those dishes! It is as if something of the innocence and wonder of childhood is preserved for me within that delicious, pale-pink glass. For me, theat particular shade of pink just might be the color of a light heart.

My girls have started to share a pot of imaginary tea from the singing pink plastic teapot every night before bed. What fun it would be for Mrs. Potts to pour her tea into sparkling pink cups! This is one of the reasons I have held on to the dishes all these years: my mom had a set of tiny, vintage ceramic tea cups that she let me use for my own tea parties and I always imagined doing the same for my little girls.

Maybe I will have my dishes shipped to Germany...and pray that they don't break in transit. After all, it is my daughters' heritage to have the opportunity of breaking the tiny cups themselves, just like I did. Sorry Mom! I guess that's a part of childhood too--learning how to take care of precious things. For now, I'll be content to drool over the yummy pink ice cream dish in today's painting. And so will my daughters. Two-year-old Eowyn awoke from her nap to find my new painting and, quickly removing her binky, insisted, "Ice cream...MOUF!" So we sneaked into the kitchen and, as my mom always thought best, "ate our dessert first."


  1. Sarah your mom instilled a great value in you. She taught you how to love and be loved. Everything your mom taught you, you can pass down to your children. Your mom would be so proud to see the woman and mother you have became and if you could see her in heaven I know that she is smiling down on you everyday. The special times you have with the girls is because of your mom. And Diddy of course. He misses you guys so much and so do I. Love you Sarah.

  2. Sarah Kate told me about your blog and I had to read it. I can't wait to read the next one now. Although I had tears in my eyes halfway through reading it. Mainly because I can remember seeing you do all the things you discribe you and the girls doing. I miss you all and will enjoy sharing your daily picture book of life.
    Love Dad

  3. Thanks Dad and Kate! It is such a special thing to be a mama and to remember my childhood and my own mom as I watch my babies grow. It makes me feel close to her again when I think about how she was once a young mother just like me, and I was a wide-eyed toddler, just like my girls.

  4. I can hardly type with the tears in my eyes.
    The rush of all of the memories I was blessed to share with you and your Mom give me such joy. I see her in you and your sister and Im so proud of you both. It started with Carol and has passed down to your mom and you and Im sure will continue on in your girls. LOVE,LOVE Your picture book of life. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Aunt Kristy


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